Current Garage Sales Listing

October 20, 2018 Time 7:30am-10am

7601 SW 140 Street

Clothing, furniture, bicycle, bike hitch, household items, fitness equipment, car accessories

October 20, 2018 Time 8am-

14300 SW 79 Court

Household goods, clothes, books and decorations

October 20, 2018 Time 8am-

15320 SW 84 CT

Household items, furniture, clothes, holiday decorations, art and tools

October 20, 2018 Time 8am-2pm

15820 SW 90 Ave


Furniture, knick knacks, clothes, shoes, kitchenware, dog leashes, decorations, new curtain and twin sheets and comforter sets and more

October 20 and 21, 2018 Time 8am-2pm

16650 SW 77 Court

Books, kitchenware, clothes, 2 bicycles, movies (VHS and DVD), knick knacks, toys, electronics and antiques

October 20, 2018 Time 9am-4pm

8760 SW 174 Street

Clothing, shoes, purses, housewares, etc.

October 20, 2018

17605 SW 84 Ave

Furniture, décor, fishing rods, clothes, shoes, etc.

October 20, 2018 Time 8am-2pm

7605 SW 179 Terrace

Tools, gardening equipment, clothing, toys, paintings, furniture, storage plastic boxes, JVC multimedia unit, Kramer used but still ruins pressure cleaner, special artist art books (how to draw and paint), cross stich items and components, fabric material and anything else we find

October 20, 2018 Time 7am-2pm

18003 SW 89 Place

Furniture, tools, snorkel gear, household items, toys, clothes, outdoor items

October 21, 2018

18022 SW 88 Place


Furniture, clothes, home décor, shoes, art, kitchen utensils and equipment, area rugs, bike, books, small electronics and purses

October 27, 20118 Time 8am-2pm

7800 SW 144 Street

Miscellaneous home goods, children’s toys, woman’s clothing (s/M), books, including croquet set, old Electrolux vacuum, children’s guitar and stand, brother word processing typewriter

October 27, 2018 Time 8am-2pm

15965 SW 79 Ave


Household items

November 9, 10 and 11, 2018 Time 8am-3pm

8480 SW 146 Street

Vintage collector plates, dolls, collectibles, jewelry, small electronics, wires, children’s clothes and books, toys, baby gear, holiday décor, clothes, shoes, household items, baskets, linens, gift items, dollar table

November 17, 2018 Time 8am-1pm

16775 SW 80 Avenue

House hold goods