Upcoming Garage Sales

Garage Sales 2022

June 3, 2023, Time 9am-

8011 SW 144 Street

home goods


June 3 and 4, 2023, Time 9am-5pm

7325 SW 148 Street

Clothes, Baby Items, Children’s toys


June 3, 2023, Time 10am-

17201 SW 79 Court

Tools, Furniture, Household items


June 3, 2023, Time 8am-

8785 SW 176 Street

Household items and cloth. (Decoration, office, kitchen, tools, cloth items, etc..)


June 4, 2023, Time 8am-

14565 SW 83 Court

Household miscellaneous Items, Lighting fixtures, Electrical Outlets, Floor tile, Truck bed lid, Some Tools


Jube 10, 2023, Time 8am-

8420 SW 142 Street

Household items, tools, furniture, kids toys, clothes


June 10, 2023, Time 9am-1pm

8480 SW 146 Street

baby items, Kids toys & dresses, kitchen, fishing, art, jewelry, baby walker, CDs, movies and clothing. Dog items. Items sold goes back to PAWS4you Rescue, Inc.


June 10 and 11, 2023, Time Daytime

7260 SW 164 Terrace

TVs, furniture, beds, golf car, clothes, toys, lamps, videogames, bicycles, fire place and much more!



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For questions or inquiries, please send us an email.