Upcoming Garage Sales

Garage Sales 2022

January 28, 2023, Time 9am-12pm

7970 SW 146 Street

Exercise equipment, clothes, books, kitchen items, Lego’s and other household items


January 28, 2023, Time 9am-1pm

7980 SW 146 Street

Men's and women's clothing and shoes, household goods, furniture, collectors lamps, Pottery Barn king-size headboard and frame, lots of art work and etc.


January 28, 2023, Time 10am-2pm

15545 SW 78 Place

downsizing…!!! Furniture, kitchen supplies and miscellaneous


January 28, 2023, Time 9am-2pm

January 29, 2023, Time 10am-2pm

7400 SW 159 Terrace

Paintings, Music, Jewelry, Clothes, Furniture, China


January 28, 2023, Time 8am-1:30pm

15920 SW 90 Ave

Furniture’s, clothing, shoes, arts, jewelries, books, toys, games, etc..


January 28, 2023, Time 8am-3pm

16320 SW 77 Ave

Housewares, Furniture, Clothes, Tools, Sports Equipment, Outdoor Equipment


January 28, 2023, Time 8am-1pm

8155 SW 170 Street

Miscellaneous household items


January 28, 2023, Time 8am-2pm

8740 SW 174 Street

Household goods


February 5, 2023, Time 7am-12pm

7995 SW 155 Street

Educational toys, Teaching supplies, Books and Clothing


March 4, 2023, Time 8am-12pm

14260 Old Cutler Road

Clothing, jewelry, household items, toys, small furniture and decor items.



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