Garage Sale Tips

PLEASE NOTE: Florida has very broad public records laws. Most written communications to or from local officials regarding official business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your e-mail communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure.  

For Buyers:

  • Beat the heat... be sure to stay hydrated whether you are hosting a sale or shopping at others’. Rule number one: It is wise to use sunscreen this time of year. If you have shade in your yard, try to sit under a tree during your sale. It is also a great time for the kids to sell bottled water, soda pop, or lemonade. Some sellers use an electric fan to keep cool. Don't forget to wear a hat at the sales. 
  • Sellers will hold items for a deposit...if you need to leave to get more money or to come back with your pick-up truck, give a non-refundable deposit and sellers will be more agreeable to hold your item aside.  Give your phone number in case the seller needs to get a hold of you. 

For Sellers:

  • Don't sell broken, dirty or unsightly items.
  • Make sure someone on your trusted team remains outside to take care of your other shoppers at all times but do not follow shoppers around.
  • Lock your home and don't let anyone inside your house during the garage sale to use the restroom or try on clothing. Shoppers can try on clothing outside their own clothes, if need be.
  • Use interesting tables to display items like a large ping-pong table, an old kitchen table, or event two saw horses with a plywood top. Borrow from neighbors, friends, or relatives. 
  • Before and during the sale, monitor how well traffic flows around your tables to ensure buyers have easy access to your goods, and that they can easily navigate around the tables and other shoppers in the process.
  • Be creative to display clothing... use clothing racks, or a rope to tie between two trees or ladders with a pole between them and hang clothes on hangers.
  • Make sure to tag price or have a sign that says: Slacks $1; Suits $10; Blouses $3; etc. 
  • Use a variety box sizes to display equal priced items. 
  • Reduce your items during the last two hours of the garage sale by 50%.
  • Check the pockets of the clothing that you are selling for money or valuables. 
  • Put items away and out of sight that you are not selling. 
  • Play some background music playing during your sale.