Public Records Requests

The Village of Palmetto Bay is subject to the provisions of Florida's Open Government or "Sunshine" Laws which require certain governmental agencies, such as Palmetto Bay, to make records available to the general public for inspection and/or copying, unless specifically exempted by the Florida Legislature. Please note that the law requires for records that are maintained in the course of official village business be made available for public inspection, it does not require for a record to be created pursuant to a request. In other words, if the record does not exist, a new record will not be created.
  • To inspect a public record or request copies, contact the Village Clerk's office to make your request by phone or email.
  • You may also complete the Public Records Request Form (link provided below) and submit it via email or fax to the Village Clerk's office.
  • A staff member from the Village Clerk's office will contact you if the public record that you requested does not exist, or if there is a cost involved with your request.
For more information about public records, please review the Village's Public Records policy (PDF) in the section below.

To view all of the public records requests made as of February 6, 2017, please click on the "Public Record Requests Listing" tab on the menu to the left hand side.