How Fees are Calculated

How We Calculate & Bill Stormwater Fees

The Village service fee per ERU billing is $5 per month. As detailed in the Billing of Stormwater Charges Agreement between Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer and the Village of Palmetto Bay, WASD bills on behalf of the Village at a rate of $5 per month to each residential unit.

Additionally, commercial properties are billed by calculating the impervious area (area that rainwater cannot penetrate) square footage; dividing impervious area square footage by 1 ERU (1,548 square feet); then multiplying number of ERUs by $5, which determines the monthly charges billed to each commercial property.


Following is how we calculate Commercial Property ERU Billing Charges. In this example, the total amount of impervious area square footage (area that has lost its natural ability to hold water / green space) is 13,400 square feet:

  • Monthly Charges for 13,400 square feet ÷ 1548 = 8.66 ERUs × $5 = $43.30, if you receive your water bill on a quarterly basis multiply ERUs by $15
  • Quarterly Charges for 13,400 square feet ÷ 1548 = 8.66 ERUs × $15 = $129.90
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