Registered Candidates

Any citizen who is a qualified elector of Miami-Dade County and has resided continuously in the Village of Palmetto Bay for at least two years preceding the date of qualifying is eligible to be a candidate for the office of the Village Council.

The Village is divided into three residential areas.  Section 2.03 of the City Charter requires that one Council member reside in the Northern Area (Seat 1), one Council member reside in the Central Area (Seat 2) and one Council member reside in the Southern Area (Seat 3).  Candidates for the office of Mayor & Vice Mayor are elected without regard to residence in a particular Residential Area.  Persons running from a particular Residential Area must be a resident of the Residential Area which she/he proposes to represent on the Council at the time of qualifying, at the time of his/her election and must continue to reside in such Residential Area during his/her term of office.  A copy of the Charter is provided for your information and review.  In this election, candidates may qualify for Mayor, District 1, and District 3.

The following individuals are registered and qualified candidates for the General Election that will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018:




Michael Weissberg (withdrawn)