Why Charge Me?

Village Wide Improvements

Some people ask, "Why am I responsible for paying a stormwater utility fee when my property never floods?" Stormwater utility fee aids in stormwater drainage improvements for the entire Village - not just your street or property. The revenue from the fee would be used to fund activities that would maintain and improve the infrastructure that transports stormwater in the Village plus fund activities that would improve the quality of the stormwater discharged to canal systems owned and maintained by the Village.

Additional Assistance

Your contribution also helps to enhance the drainage ability for roadways, making it easier for you and others to travel throughout the Village during heavy rain events. Stormwater drainage system that aren't maintained result in costly repairs or potential replacement of whole system and subsequent flooding!

Last but not least, the Village is required via federal and state law to manage and treat stormwater. Pay your stormwater utility fee in an effort to implement proposed flood control solutions. Long term fixes require long-term financial commitments.