Importance of Stormwater Management

Why Stormwater Management is Important

There are a number of systems that control the flow of water on our roadways and waterways. Working together, these systems play a vital role in making it safe to commute on Village streets and along our waterways.

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Stormwater Program regulates stormwater discharges from three potential sources:
  • Construction activities
  • Industrial activities
  • Municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s)

A Master Plan Keeps Us On Course

How is the Village using best management practices to ensure residents can enjoy cleaner and dryer roadways?

Soon after Village incorporation in 2002, Palmetto Bay enlisted the expertise of engineers, surveyors, and contractors for the purpose of establishing a Stormwater Master Plan.

This plan was developed to identify low-lying areas within our municipal boundaries, in order to systematically pursue appropriate opportunities to protect surface-water quality and to reduce flooding. 

The Stormwater Master Plan continues to be used as a blueprint that ensures proper repairs are being made, and that storm drains are being installed and maintained as needed.