Information for Home Residents

Helpful Ideas

Permeable Pavement

Traditional concrete and asphalt don't allow water to soak into the ground. Instead these surfaces rely on storm drains to divert unwanted water. Permeable pavement systems allow the rain to soak through decreasing stormwater runoff.

Pool & Spa Maintenance

Control algae by regulating chlorine levels and by using a pool cover to block sunlight. Do not use copper based algae control products. Always discharge pool or spa water to a sanitary sewer line clean out. Never discharge a pool or spa water to a creek, street, canal or storm drain. Also, dispose of filter rinse water and backwash into soil, not the gutter, creek, canals or storm drains.

Rain Barrels

You can collect rainwater from the rooftops in mosquito proof containers. The water can be used later for any garden use.

Vegetated Filter Strips

Filter strips are areas of native grass or plants created along roadways or streams. They trap the pollutants stormwater picks up as it flows across driveways and streets.

Rain Gardens & Grassy Swales

Specially designed areas planted with native plants can provide natural places for rainwater to collect and soak into the ground. Rain from rooftop or paved areas can be diverted into these areas rather than into storm drains.
Permeable Pavement
Rain Barrel