Drainage Improvements (sub-basins)

Sub-Basin 61 Drainage Improvement Project

About the Project

Every year, Palmetto Bay embarks on a new drainage project in an effort to mitigate flooding issues throughout the Village, and also improve the surface water management system. To that extent, the Village has adopted a Stormwater Master Plan which lists the priority areas to address flooding conditions. The next scheduled drainage project for 2022 is Sub-basin 61. Below is the project information, including the scope of work, anticipated duration and project cost.

 Scope of Work

The Village has contracted the services of Hartec Construction to install catch basins, manholes, storm sewers, and french drains. The system will connect to existing outfall structures/pipes that discharge to the South Florida Water Management District Cutler Drain Canal (A).


Right-of-way south of SW 155th Terrace, north of SW 160th Street, west of SW 77th Court, and east of SW 79th Avenue.

Project Duration

Project Start Date:  June 21, 2022
Project End Date:  June 2023
Duration:  8 - 12 months

 Total Cost

Project Cost: $ 718,160

Project Plans

See the project plans for Sub-basin 61 linked below:

Additional Sub-basin Design Work

Besides sub-basin 61, Palmetto Bay's Mayor and Council also approved the design of drainage sub-basins 41, 43, 44, and 11, following the prioritization schedule identified on the adopted Stormwater Master Plan. The relative costs of the sub-basin design work is part of the Village's American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) federal funding. More information about these projects will be provided as they are implemented.

 Sub-Basin Design Costs (ARPA projects.)  Click the links below to see the area maps for each sub-basin: