Mayor & Council

Mayor-and-Council sitting at the dais in the Council Chambers

Form of Government

The Village of Palmetto Bay functions under a Council-Manager form of government.  The Mayor and Council serve as the legislative body of the Village and consists of a Mayor, Vice-Mayor and three Councilmembers, each representing the three residential areas designated by the Village Charter.


The Village Council acts as the decision making entity that establishes and is responsible for enacting ordinances, adopting the Village budget, and establishing policies for the operation of the Village government and delivery of municipal service. The administrative operations of the Village are executed by the Village Manager in accordance with the Council's directives. 

The Village Council is committed to providing exceptional professionalism in government and the highest quality in the delivery of services, which are reflective of the community's priorities.

Office of the Mayor

As the presiding officer of the Village, the Mayor serves as head of the Village government for all ceremonial purposes, purposes of military law, and for service of process. The Mayor is the official representative of the Village in all dealings with other governmental entities. 

Office of the Vice Mayor

The Vice Mayor is tasked with the responsibility of performing all functions of the office of the Mayor should that individual be absent or become incapacitated. The position is elected at large for a four year term. 

Council Residential Areas

The Village is divided into three residential areas. Council members are elected to a seat (also referred to as district) from each residential area. The residential areas corresponding to each seat are generally set forth below.

  • Council Seat 1: The northern boundary is SW 136 Street and extends south to SW 152 Street, including all of Royal Harbor Yacht Club and Paradise Point.
  • Council Seat 2: The northern boundary is SW 152 Street excluding all of Royal Harbor Yacht Club and Paradise Point and extends south to SW 168 Street.
  • Council Seat 3: The northern boundary is SW 168 Street and extends south to SW 184 Street

Policymaker Videos

Get to know your Mayor, Vice Mayor and Village Councilmembers as they talk about their personal experience and their vision for Palmetto Bay as elected officials.  Click below to access the playlist on our YouTube Channel.

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