Elevation Requirements

Located in a Flood Hazard Area?

Remember, if your property is located in a special flood hazard area (AE and VE zones) and the cost of reconstruction, rehabilitation, additions, or other improvements of a structure that equals or exceeds 50% of your home's value, it is considered a Substantial Improvement. That also means your property must be brought up to current building code standards, including elevating above the design flood elevation. Substantial Improvements also includes repairs to structures that have incurred substantial damages, regardless of the actual work performed or repetitive loss.

Floodplain Management Ordinance

All new construction, repairs to substantial damages, and substantial improvements must meet the requirements of the Village's Floodplain Management Ordinance. Please refer to section 30 - 100.6 for Floodplain Management Regulations. Also, refer to Chapter 18 - Floods. Always check with the Village's Building Department prior to building on, altering, or re-grading fill on your property. A permit is necessary to ensure that projects are constructed properly and do not cause potential problems to adjacent properties. Failure to obtain permits can result in an unsafe building, fines and possible court action.