Drainage System Maintenance

The Village of Palmetto Bay's storm water system consists of both open-infiltration segments and closed-pipeline segments. The open sections are drainage swales, canals, and ditches. The closed sections are made up of storm water inlets and piping which also carries storm water from streets and development runoff to drainage areas such as outfalls which lead to canals.

Obstructing Flow

Debris in the swales, catch basins, curb inlets, and pipes obstructs the flow of water causing overflow on to the roads and into yards. That is why maintenance of these systems is very important. Obstruction of these storm sewer systems reduces the flood flow capacity and results in flooding of streets and yards. The Village maintains these systems to an adequate flow capacity.   

Village personnel and hired contractors maintain the drainage system on a regular basis. Activities include flood response and investigation, infrastructure repair, pipe cleaning and repair, dump debris removal, drain inlet clearings, swale contouring, and other associated duties in accordance with the Village's adopted Stormwater Master Plan.

Routine Maintenance by the Village

Stormwater management is a joint effort between the Departmen of Regulatory and Economic Resources, the South Florida Water Management District and the Village of Palmetto Bay.  The effort is critical to protecting the public safety and to minimize both public and private losses due to potential flooding from storm events.

Each year, Palmetto Bay employs a contractor to clear drain inlets throughout the Village to prevent standing water which may lead to flooding during a significant storm event.  Drain cleaning is implemented annually in advance of the Hurricane Season which runs from June 1st to November 30th.

2022 Drain Cleaning Areas

During the FY 2021-22, the Village Council approved the selection of EnviroWaste Services Group and allocated $150,000 to clean the Village zones provided below.  Work on the zones started on February 14, 2022. 

Zone 1

FY2021-22 Drain Cleaning Maps_Page_1

Zone 2

Zone 2 Stormdrain Vac Con FY 2021-2022

Zone 3

FY2021-22 Drain Cleaning Maps_Page_3

Routine Maintenance by Property Owner

Residents are required to perform routine maintenance on swales located directly adjacent to their properties. This includes mowing, removal of high weeds and removing litter. The swales are not to be paved, re-graded or altered prior to submittal and approval of plans and issuance of permits through our Building and Public Works Department. Also remember, dumping into the swales and inlets is a violation of the Village Ordinances, and is punishable by fines.

Only Rain Down the Drain

Raccoons in Storm DrainThe storm water system within the Village of Palmetto Bay either infiltrates into the ground, or it is conveyed through a network of pipeline that discharges into the C-100 series of the Cutler Drain Canal. On either scenario, the drainage systems work by filtering the stormwater underground. This keeps contaminants and pollution from the stormwater from entering rivers, canals, Biscayne Bay, and the ocean. Also, underground water is our only source of drinking and domestic water supply. 

Did you know that one quart of oil can contaminate 250,000 gallons of water? Imagine what an oil change will do.

It is very important that nothing but rain enters our catch basins, inlets or other waterways. Chemicals, organics and litter can not only contaminate our drinking water, it can also create blockage that causes flooding and other major problems for our community. 

Please visit our Stormwater Management page for more details on what you can do to help. If you observe debris in or near stormwater inlets, please report them to our Public Works Department at 305-969-5011. All illegal dumping or discharges of pollutants must be reported to the 24-hour Miami-Dade County Pollution Complaint Hotline at 305-372-6955.