Protection of Your Property

You can take an active role in protecting your property from flood damage. Flood damage can be minimized through some temporary or permanent retro fitting techniques. The method you choose will depend on your particular situation. Below are some techniques recommended:
  • Install storm shutters and reinforce garage doors
  • Waterproof walls and water-tighten doorways
  • Elevate and secure electrical appliances
  • Place low lying electrical fixtures on separate circuits
  • Install or redirect roof gutters
  • Reduce impervious surfaces
  • Grade your property
  • Construct small flood walls or swales for water diversion
Storm Shutters
Remember, all construction, improvements, alterations, or modifications to any property within the Village of Palmetto Bay requires the issuance of building permits prior to commencing. These are obtained after submittal and approval of building plans.

Additional Recommendations

Our Building Department can recommend additional techniques to protect your property against flood damages or assist you with locating consultants and contractors for the work. You may contact the building department at 305-259-1250.

Price gouging 

If a state of emergency is declared by the Governor of Florida or Miami-Dade County officials, price gouging regulations come into effect. 

Price gouging is considered an “unconscionable price,” determined by comparing the price asked during an emergency with what was charged for the same commodity during the preceding 30-day period. To report price gouging, call 3-1-1.