Safety First

Know Your Flood Precautions

  • Turn Off Energy Sources Immediately. If you suspect the onset of flooding, the first thing to do is turn off the electricity and/or gas.
  • Don't Walk/Drive through Flooded Areas. Never drive through waters; street flooding can conceal many dangers. Unseen objects or hazards can cause accidents to you and damage to your vehicle. Also, Currents can be very strong
  • Watch Your Step. Trash and debris is left behind after flood waters recede. Slip and fall accidents are common.
  • Stay Away From Electrical Sources. Avoid downed power lines and electrical wires. Electrical current travels through water and can electrocute you. Report downed electrical wires to Florida Power and Light at 800-4OUTAGE 800-468-8243).
  • Be Aware of Gas Leaks. Smelling gas? Stay away from the smell and avoid ignition sources. Report the gas leak to Florida City Gas at 888-352-5325.
  • Be Alert for Animals. Loose dogs, snakes, insects tend to roam random areas after a flood. Be careful when approaching wild animals.
  • Keep Valuables Dry. Move your medicine, important documents and other valuables to a safe and elevated place.
  • Obey Evacuation Notices. Remember to set a location for your family to rendezvous while the notice is in effect.
Cars Driving Through Flooded Streets

Flooding tips 

Do not drive or walk through standing water. It may be much deeper than you realize and there may be hidden hazards. Following a storm, if flooding is affecting the interior of your property, report it by calling 311.