Advisory Boards

  1. Art in Public Places (AIPP) Advisory Board

    Reviews / proposes art work to be acquired under the Art in Public Places Program; oversee public education, and curatorial aspects of the AIPP program.

  2. Charter Revision Commission

    The Charter Revision Commission reviews the Village Charter to determine if revisions are needed. The Charter Revision Commission has completed its Charter review and new recommendations were made to the Village Council on June 15th, 2016.

  3. Education Advisory Board

    Advisory Committee is tasked with reviewing and supporting the provisions of the Education Compact between the Village and Miami-Dade Public Schools

  4. Heritage Task Force

    Heritage Task Force was formed with the purpose of planning the Village’s 15 year celebration while piecing together the History of Palmetto Bay.

  5. Palmetto Bay Partnership Advisory Committee

    Committee is formed to realize the economic/social potential of Village by providing recommendations to Council with an eye on the Village's Strategic Plan.

  6. Parks & Rec. and Community Outreach Committee

    Committee provides recommendations to the Village Council in matters of parks and recreation levels of services, and in mattes of community engagement and public awareness.

  7. Tree Advisory Board

    Tree Board makes recommendations to development / administration of a comprehensive tree management program; assist with tree resources management.

  8. Veterans' Park Advisory Committee

    The Veteran's Park Committee submits recommendations and advises the Village Council as to a possible location and design for recognizing United States Veterans and first responders.

  9. Village Services & Administrative Committee

    Committee provides recommendations to the Village Council in matters of Village Services and also the Village's administrative processes that impact all departments.

  10. Youth Community Involvement Board

    Youth Community Involvement Board gives young people a voice, advising the Village Council on quality-of-life and recreational needs of the youth in Palmetto Bay.

  11. Advisory Boards/ Committees Ordinance