Veterans' Park Task Force

Paul Amato, Chair
Thomas Frank, Secretary
Stacy Cusano
Robert Prince
Roger Snyder
Chris Amaya
Jerome Bryda
Richard Dorn
Cesar Lastra
Don Pybas
Dana Pezoldt
Beth Adler
Pam Tabor
  • Staff Liaison:  Mari Guerra, Police Major
  • Managed by: Nick Marano, Village Manager


To promote patriotism and assist the Village in determining the most appropriate location and method by which to honor United States Veterans and first responders.

Purpose & Scope

The Veterans' Park Task Force shall provide recommendations to the Village Manager in the matters that impact the most appropriate location and method by which to honor United States Veterans and First Responders.

The Veterans' Park Task Force shall:

  1. Advise the Village Manager as to the possible locations and designs for recognizing United States Veterans and first responders within the municipal boundaries of Palmetto Bay.
  2. Offer suggestions concerning the most appropriate manner by which to recognize United States Veterans and first responders.
  3. Assist with the planning, promotion, and implementation of any events to be held with regard to the on-going and future events regarding Veterans and first responders.
  4. Promote patriotism
  5. Work with the Village Manager to further the aim and objective of providing United States Veterans and first responders with an appropriate recognition of gratitude for their service.


Resolution 2019-69 (PDF) abolished the Veterans' Park Advisory Committee and created the Veterans' Park Task Force  under the direction and control of the Village Manager.

The committee consists of five members offered by the Board of the American Legion Marlin Moore Post and additional appointments by the Village Manager.


The Task Force will meet the third Thursday of every other month at 5 pm.   Please see the calendar linked on the left side menu for more details.

Please note that pursuant to the Village of Palmetto Bay’s Declaration of COVID-19 Virus State of Emergency Order No. 2020-11, all Village Advisory Boards, Committees, Task Forces, Charter Officers, and staff shall continue to meet virtually. All virtual meetings shall comply with the Florida Constitution, Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law, and Chapter 286, Florida Statutes. All dates and times are subject to change and may be cancelled due to a lack of a quorum. If a Special Council Meeting is called by the Village Council which conflicts with a meeting date/time established herein, the meeting of the board, committee, or task force shall be cancelled and rescheduled for another date and time, which shall be voted upon by a majority of the members and shall not be in conflict with other scheduled meetings of the Village.


Palmetto Bay's Declaration of COVID-19 Virus State of Emergency Order No. 2020-11 has been lifted. As such, all advisory boards, committees and task force groups will resume in person meetings starting June 1, 2022. All meetings will be audio-recorded, and written minutes will be maintained by the Office of the Village Clerk.

Members of the general public may provide public comments by continuing to use the online Public Comment Form, which will be read into the record, or may appear in person to provide public comments.

The meeting dates will remain the same as previously established for all volunteer groups.

For more information about upcoming meetings, please visit our online calendar.