Youth Community Involvement Board


To make recommendations to the Council on how best to engage youth in local government.


Palmetto Bay is bringing a fresh, new - and young - perspective to Village Hall with the launch of a Youth Community Involvement (YCI) Board.

The Board, composed of young students who reside in Palmetto Bay are tasks with the following duties:
  • Advise the Village Council as to the quality of life and recreational needs of the youth of the Village.
  • Assist in the planning, promotion and implementation of programs and services for youth and teens of the Village.
  • Foster a greater involvement of youth and teens in municipal government and community service. Participate in Village events such as the village picnic, Earth Week, and sponsored events including, but not limited to Relay for Life, and other events as determined to be appropriate.


Resolution 2016-42 (PDF) mandates that this important committee is established within the Village Manager's office and shall communicate and coordinate directly with the Village Manager and is not an advisory committee of the Council therefore, the committee is not subject to Florida Sunshine Laws. The committee is made up of eleven students (age 21 or under) who reside within Palmetto Bay, or are home-schooled or whom attend public, or private schools within the municipal limits of Palmetto Bay, have been appointed to serve on the Youth Involvement Board.


  • Agnes Bartha
  • Sashi Cayard
  • Jacob DeWitt
  • Maria Dovenberg
  • Valentina Maldonado
  • Mark Merwitzer
Council Co-Liaisons:
Mayor Eugene Flinn
Councilmember Karyn Cunningham

  • Charles Noguera
  • Jackson Ribler
  • Tatum Rivera
  • Alexander Santana
  • Katie Signori
  • Nicholas Sondon
  • Jacob Tisthammer


  • 11:30 a.m.
  • 4th Saturday of every month
  • Village Hall
    9705 E Hibiscus Street
    Palmetto Bay, FL 33157