Youth Community Involvement Task Force

Member Name Member Name
Valentina Nicolini  Julia Bernarde 
Devica Shah  Andres Paredes 
Carolina Branco  GianCarlo Diago 
Lorenzo Vinueza  Lucas Diaz 
Ella Foxworthy  Elisa Pitnikova 
Annabelle Aquila  Imani Mitchell 
Hamzah Bouhouj Harry Tellman 
Connor Nicolini  Lorenzo Castillo - Rios 
Joni Furtwaengler  Luma Rocco 
Robert Hoel, Jr.  Rebekah Lugo 


The Youth Community Involvement Task Force or YCITF (formerly Youth Community Involvement Board) was created for the purpose of reviewing issues to related to the quality of life and recreational needs of the youth of the Village of Palmetto Bay. The YCITF is an established board to the Village Manager and is not subject to the public meetings law. The scope of the YCITF is as follows:

  1. Advise the Manager as to the quality of life and recreational needs of the youth of the Village. 
  2. Assist in the planning, promotion, and implementation of programs and services for youth and teens of the Village.
  3. Participate in Village events such as the Village picnic, Earth Week, and sponsored events, including but not limited to Relay for Life, and other events as determined to be appropriate. 
  4. Foster a greater involvement of youth and teens in municipal government and community service.


The Task Force meets the last Wednesday of every month at 5 pm.   Please see the linked calendar on the menu to the left for more details.

All advisory boards, committees and task force groups meet in person at Village Hall, 9705 East Hibiscus Street, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157.  All meetings will be audio-recorded, and written minutes will be maintained by the Office of the Village Clerk.

Members of the general public may provide public comments by using the online Public Comment Form, which will be read into the record, or may appear in person to provide public comments.

For additional information and/or inquiries, please contact Missy Arocha, Village Clerk at (305) 259-1234, or via email to:

For more information about upcoming meetings, please visit our online calendar.


Initial appointments shall be announced at the September regular council meeting.   Appointments to replace any vacancies may be made as needed. The YCITF shall consist of twenty-one (21) school students who reside within, are home schooled, or who attend public or private schools within the municipal limits of Palmetto Bay. Membership shall be limited to less than age twenty-one (21) at the beginning of the school year and members may remain at the end of the school year. Each member of the Village Council shall appoint three (3) students to serve on the YCITF , including the Mayor and Vice Mayor. Each Charter Officer shall appoint two members. A quorum shall be eleven members.

Meetings and Reports

Members shall meet regularly with the Director of Parks and Recreation and/or Special Events Coordinator or designee(s) to address the matters as defined in its scope. Staff assistance to the YCITF  shall be provided by the parks and recreation department. The Mayor shall select the Chair and Secretary for the YCITF  from the 21-member body, who shall be responsible for providing a written record of the proceedings of the Council that shall be regularly submitted to the Village Manager. The YCITF  shall prepare and present to the Village Manager meeting minutes as part of is written reports as well as may submit recommendations to the Village Manager as they deem appropriate. Members of the YCITF  shall serve without compensation.


The YCITF  shall not engage in political activity or expression in Village of Palmetto Bay municipal elections. No member of the Village Council or candidate for Village office may solicit any member of the YCITF  to participate in any municipal campaign.