Tree Advisory Board

Name:  Appointed by:
Henry Clifford (Chair)  Councilmember Marsha Matson
Rick Cohen Mayor Karyn Cunnigham
Don Pybas Former Vice Mayor John DuBois
Craig Grossenbacher Councilmember Patrick Fiore
Jack Fell Former Councilmember David Singer 

Board Liaisons

  • Council Liaison:  Marsha Matson, Councilmember
  • Staff Liaison:  Dio Torres, Public Services Director


Pursuant to Section 2-108 of the Village’s Code of Ordinances, the purpose of the Village of Palmetto Bay Tree Board is to promote the general welfare and to encourage the preservation of green space and the environment by encouraging the village, through a group of concerned volunteer citizens charged by ordinance, with reviewing and making recommendations as to developing and administering a comprehensive tree management program. A tree board would assist the village in developing an urban or community forestry program, and ultimately, an annual, systematic management of the village's tree resources, including, tree planting, maintenance and removal program for trees on streets, parks and other public places.

Administration of the village's tree program ultimately to be recognized as consistent with the National Arbor Day Foundation.  The Village of Palmetto Bay tree program shall be administered by the department of public works. To assist in administering the program, the village council may appoint an advisory tree board.   An arborist may be utilized as part of the tree board review process. In becoming a Tree City USA designated municipality, the village would need to expend approximately $50,000, in each year, at $2.00, per capita to maintain the designation.


The Board meets on the last Monday of every month at 5:00 pm, except holidays.  Please click on the calendar menu option on the left side menu bar for upcoming meeting information.

Pursuant to the Village of Palmetto Bay’s Declaration of COVID-19 Virus State of Emergency Order No. 2020-11, all Village Advisory Boards, Committees, Task Forces, Charter Officers, and staff shall continue to meet virtually. Commencing December 1, 2020, a minimum of three members such as the Mayor and Village Council shall be present to maintain a quorum at meetings requiring legislative actions. This Emergency Order allows any Councilmember who believes they are at high risk to not be required to be physically present in the Village Chambers, but shall be permitted to participate virtually and vote provided they remain physically present in Village Hall, including waiving all applicable requirements in the Village Charter, Code of Ordinances, Resolutions, or other Village policy that may require the physical presence at any public meeting. All virtual meetings shall otherwise continue to comply with the Florida Constitution, Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law, and Chapter 286, Florida Statutes.


Palmetto Bay's Declaration of COVID-19 Virus State of Emergency Order No. 2020-11 has been lifted. As such, all advisory boards, committees and task force groups will resume in person meetings starting June 1, 2022. All meetings will be audio-recorded, and written minutes will be maintained by the Office of the Village Clerk.

Members of the general public may provide public comments by continuing to use the online Public Comment Form, which will be read into the record, or may appear in person to provide public comments.

The meeting dates will remain the same as previously established for all volunteer groups.

For more information about upcoming meetings, please visit our online calendar.


The mayor shall appoint advisory board members, subject to council approval. Each council member shall tendering potential appointee names for the mayor's consideration prior to final approval. The advisory tree board shall consist of five members. The advisory board members shall serve for two years, under staggered terms, serving without compensation. Each advisory board member must be knowledgeable in at least one of the identified fields of: urban planning, landscape architecture, tree-related professionals such as forestry professors, nursery operators, arborists, or other environmental civic activist. To ensure a balanced and diverse advisory board it is recommended that at least two of the board members be a tree-related professional or show substantial participation in horticultural activities, and one be a civic leader in the community.

If any member fails to attend two of three successive meetings without cause and without prior approval of the chairman, the committee shall declare the member's office vacant, and the village council shall promptly fill that vacancy. The advisory board shall meet at least once a year to evaluate and make recommendations to village staff and to the village council as to updates recommended to the village's existing landscape and tree master plan, which plan shall become the village's annual community forestry work plan. If any member of the advisory board shall find that his private or personal interests are involved in the matter coming before the board, he shall disqualify himself from all participation in that matter.

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