Parks & Rec. and Community Outreach Committee


To provide recommendations to the Village Council in matters of Village parks and recreation levels of service; and to provide recommendations to the Village Council in matters of community engagement and public awareness.


The Parks & Recreation and Community Outreach Committee is tasked with the responsibility of providing recommendations to the Mayor & Council based on its review of the state of the parks’ structures, the state of the parks’ recreational facilities, recreational programming and fees, parks accessibility, and parks safety. The committee also reviews communication strategies, communication execution, integration of community calendars, village-hosted events, sponsorship opportunities, and Stakeholder engagement practices, and provides recommendations to the Village Council on such items for consideration.


The Committee is composed of 10 members who volunteer their time to achieve the goals established for the group.  The was established by the Village Council on July 11, 2016 via Ordinance 2016-17 by merging the pre-existing Parks & Recreation Committee and the Community Outreach Committee.  


  • Beth Adler
  • Frank DeValdivielso
  • Liede DeValdivielso
  • Heidi Caplan Feder
  • Dr. Edward Feller

  • Margery Glickman
  • David Greenwell
  • Beatriz Hermann
  • Chris Olson
  • Eric Stern


  • 6 p.m.
  • 3rd Tuesday of every month
  • Village Hall
    9705 E Hibiscus Street
    Palmetto Bay, FL 33157