About Public Services

About the Public Services Department

The Department of Public Services consists of two main divisions; Public Works and Facilities Maintenance. The Department is responsible and accountable for the maintenance of all Village facilities, public right-of-way, street maintenance, transit operations and stormwater management.

Additionally, the Department oversees street beautification projects, Stormwater activities, and planning and construction management for various Capital Improvement Projects affecting the Village's infrastructure. Solid waste, garbage, and yard trash pick ups are handled through Miami-Dade County.

Main Areas of Responsibility

  • Drainage Improvements and Annual Maintenance
  • Canal Maintenance
  • Facility Maintenance (Cleaning & Repair of Village Hall and Park facilities)
  • I-Bus Circulator Service
  • Streets and Sidewalks Maintenance
  • Street Sign Maintenance
  • Traffic Calming
  • Capital Improvement Projects ( Design and Construction)
  • Street Tree Planting (Village maintained right of way)
  • Right-of-Way Permit (Review and Inspections)
  • Right-of-Way Repair & Maintenance (roads, sidewalks, landscape, etc...)
  • Stormwater Management
  • Stormwater Utility
  • Management of Village Fleet
  • Trash & Garbage Pickup (provided by Miami-Dade County)

Department Goals

  • Maintenance: Maintain a high level of park maintenance with well trained and motivated staffing and effective maintenance programs.
  • Personnel: Increase job-related training to meet current and future needs of the department. Ensure continuous improvement in employee performance through education and training. Provide efficient and effective services to the residents, consultants, and contractors of the Village through administration, general direction, and coordination of departmental activities.
  • Right of Way Enhancements: Continue to coordinate and manage available resources to enhance the esthetics of the Village Neighborhoods, while strengthening the infrastructure where needed.
  • Roadway and Sidewalk Improvements: Maintain Village roadways for safe vehicular and public travel in accordance with the Village's seven-year Resurfacing Program. Re-evaluate the Village's seven-year Resurfacing Program. Maintain sidewalks, curbs, and gutters to reduce citizen requests for maintenance.
  • Signage Program: Continue implementation of the Village's overall signage program.
  • Stormwater Improvement: Continue to implement capital improvement projects in accordance with the Village's Storm Water Master Plan. Revenue from the Village's Stormwater Utility and grant funds from the Department of Environmental Protection will be used to support both Capital and Operating Expenses.
  • Traffic Calming: Provide for the efficient and safe movement of people and pedestrians within the Village through the use of traffic engineering studies, design, installation, maintenance and operation of traffic control devices including directional signs, speed limit signs, permanent traffic calming devices and pavement markings.
  • Transit / Circulator: Coordinate and manage transit service contract, provide recommendations for enhancing Village transit services and ensure compliance with Citizen Independent Transportation Trust requirements.


  • Co-designated SW 156 Street and 90 Avenue as Harry Troeger Way.
  • Completed installation of traffic calming devices.
  • Completed Phase V of localized drainage improvements project.
  • Completed street resurfacing projects, including SW 168 St from to SW 87 Court to SW 94 Court; and installation of ADA ramp improvements shallows for Bike Share the Road.
  • Designed beautification project and completed two landscape improvement projects along US1.
  • Designing SRTS Improvements near Perrine Elementary and Coral Reef Elementary with grant funding.
  • Established tree management plan, street tree inventory, and updated information in GIS database.
  • Gave away 125 Trees of varying species at the Annual Tree Giveaway Event.
  • Installed GPS devices in all operational Village vehicles.
  • Installed new sidewalks and curbing, repaired/replaced sidewalks, and upgraded ADA ramps.
  • Managed ongoing canal maintenance on Village-owned canals.
  • Re-certified as a ‘Tree City USA" Community for 8th year and received Growth Award for the 3rd year.
  • Transit Circulator Study Completed.