About Planning & Zoning

About Planning & Zoning

Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for providing technically sound and professional recommendations to ensure strict adherence to the Village's Land Development Code, Comprehensive Plan, and any other concurrency regulations and for the efficient and timely processing of zoning applications. The division is managed by Director Darby Delsalle who is also responsible for overseeing and managing the Art In Public Places program.

Department Goals

  • Administer the Art in Public Places Program
  • Administer zoning regulations and processes in accordance with the Land Development Code
  • Continue development and complete adoption process of a Village Land Development Code
  • Continue development of the GIS for Village needs including adding historic zoning information and code enforcement actions at the parcel level
  • Continue implementation of adopted Comprehensive Plan
  • Continue implementation of Franjo Island/U.S. 1 Island Area Mixed Use
  • Continue to administer the permit process for sidewalk cafes and garage sales
  • Continue to monitor monthly update process of the GIS for property and ownership information to provide current and accurate property data
  • Implement the Village Mixed Use Zoning District Regulations
  • Represent the Village at planning and development conferences and seminars


Community Development is another function that was reorganized this budget year to achieve a higher level of efficiency as the Village moves to absorb the additional work that will come with the downtown redevelopment. Building and planning functions were integrated into a single department to allow for a better flow in the permitting process. 

At the start of the fiscal year, our focus was to complete the newly designed zoning code for the future downtown. With the code currently in place, the strategy has shifted to assist with the implementation, which we are currently doing. As the downtown proceeds to redevelop, this function will continue to evolve in accordance with the needs of the Village. 

At this time, the following efforts have been accomplished:

  • Adopted updated flood plain provisions to qualify for lower flood insurance rates
  • Amended code regarding school entry feature signage
  • Amended code regarding trellises and shade structures
  • Amended code to address appeals regarding zoning hearing items
  • Began looking at potential annexation opportunities to retain control on the future development for the areas along U.S. 1 and the Busway [expand on this]
  • Completed the zoning code update for the Downtown area that has successfully ignited developer interest in the area as evidenced in several inquiries for potential future projects.
  • Established a new park impact fee for downtown projects.
  • Established new streetscape design criteria for new development in the Downtown Urban Village.
  • Identified the location of new streets which will be part of the new downtown.
  • Initiated a study for the possibility of a slip lane along U.S. 1.
  • Initiated the Water Facilities Plan update to our Comprehensive Plan
  • Launched online permitting portal.
  • Modified site plan and settlement with Palmer Trinity
  • Modified site Plan for BMW, Honda and Mini
  • Modified site plan for Westminster to include 5 acre recreation field component
  • Revised and updated the existing parking ordinance.