About the Building & Permitting Division

About Building & Permitting

The  Building  and Permitting  division  is  part  of  the  Department  of  Community  and  Economic Development. The division oversees the building, code compliance, and Flood Plain administration functions. The Building and Permitting division performs the critical functions of safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of the residents by enforcing and implementing federal, state and local building laws that regulate the construction industry, particularly the Florida Building Code Fifth Edition (2014).

The division also enforces all codes promulgated by regulatory agencies such as the Hotel and Restaurant Commission, Miami-Dade County Department of Environmental Resource Management, Florida Department of Health and Professional Regulation and others.   Additionally, the division ensures that all work performed is to the standards as set forth by the Florida Building Code and that all work is properly permitted.  With respect to Code Compliance, the division is responsible  for  educating  the  public  on  the  Village’s  code  regulations  and  enforcing  those regulations in the utmost professional manner.  The overall goal of this division is to ensure the safety, health and welfare of each resident and neighborhood in a responsible and professionally sensitive manner.

Department Goals 

  • Ensure that laws and regulations governing the construction industry are implemented consistently and uniformly throughout the Building Department and within our customer base.
  • Improve service delivery for residents, businesses and trade representatives.
  • Enhance access to information concerning the building and permitting laws and processes by implementing a software module through Eden.
  • Facilitate retrieval and access to closed project plans and information and ease storage needs by continuing to scan and store data electronically.
  • Promote and implement green initiatives in accordance with Village policies.
  • Promote the new Eden software module to allow for easier access and posting of all plan review and inspection results.
  • Respond to code complaints in a professional and expeditious manner.
  • Implement code compliance policies set by the Village Council as specific topics that impact the Village (i.e. un-kept pools / mosquitoes, water restrictions and lot maintenance at abandoned properties).
  • Administer the Special Master hearing process for appeals to code citations and mitigation cases.
  • Continue to educate residential and commercial property owners on code requirements.
  • Secure code compliance through a progressive system of enforcement actions.
  • Work directly with residents to address code issues within neighborhoods.