Grants Division


The Grants Division functions as a support division to other Village departments, seeking funding for Village projects and initiatives.  The division is part of the Human Resources & Communications Department.

List of Active Grants

Below is a list of grants that are currently active.

Award YearGrant Agency/ ProgramProject/InitiativeFunds AwardedVillage Match
2018Transportation Planning Organization (county level)Palmetto Bay On-Demand Ride Services$649,000$649,000
2020Florida Inland Navigation DistrictThalatta Estate Shoreline Stabilization$200,000$200,000
2020Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant ProgramradKids Training Equipment$3,410$0
2021FEMA- Hazard Mitigation Grant Program- Federal AppropriationSub-basin 61 Improvements$635,829$211,943
2021Fla. Dept. of Environmental Protection- State AppropriationSub-basin 61 Improvements (supplemental)$150,000$0
2021Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant ProgramradKids Officer Training$3,015$0
2021Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant ProgramRAD Women Equipment Purchase$5,167$0
2022Fla. Dept. of Environmental Protection -Florida Recreation Dev. Assistance ProgramPalmetto Bay Park Improvements- Phase I$200,000$200,000
2022Fla. Dept. of Environmental Protection- State AppropriationSub-basin 43 Improvements (supplemental)$392,500$392,500
2022Fl. Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services (FDACS) Village District 1 (Phase 1) Tree Inventory$25,000$25,000
2022Growing Roots for Environmentally Equitable Neighborhoods (GREEN)Village 2023 Shading Palmetto Bay - Tree Planting (District 2 & 3)$19,630$23,111
2023Recreation Trails Program (RTP) Coral Reef Park Trail Improvements $400,000$400,000
2023JAG-C ProgramDARE Program Books$3,102$52.95
2023USDOT Safe Streets 4 All (SS4A) ProgramVillage-wide Roadway Safety Evaluation$375,000$125,000
2023Florida Dept. of Environmental ProtectionVulnerability Assessment$200,000$100,000
2023FEMA- Hazard Mitigation Grant ProgramSub-Basin 43- Phase I$164,430$18,270


$  3,246,083

$  2,344,877

Last updated January 2023

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