Heritage Task Force

Linda Robinson (Chair)     
Donna Latshaw    
Ed Feller     
Henry Clifford     
Julie Lavoie     
Sheila Frazier     
Beverly Gerald    
Shelley Stanczyk    
Staff Liaison: Fanny Carmona, Parks & Recreation Director

The Heritage Task Force was formed with the purpose of planning the Village’s 15 year celebration while piecing together the History of Palmetto Bay.  This task force has fulfilled its purpose and has been sunset.  

  • At the Regular Council Meeting of February 6, 2017, the Village Manager was instructed to create a Heritage Task Force via consensus of the Village Council for the purposes of bringing back recommendations to explore the heritage and history of the Village of Palmetto Bay for the Villages's 15th Year Anniversary. 
  • The Heritage Task Force established their mission and purpose during their first meeting which occurred on March 17, 2017.
  • The Heritage Task Force is not governed by the Florida Public Meetings law. 

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