Meeting Notices

Read the official public meeting notices, which are listed below by meeting type.

  1. Agendas & Minutes

    Visit the Agenda Center to view or download current and archived meeting agendas.

  2. Meeting Calendar

    See the monthly calendar and listing of all upcoming public meetings.

  3. Advisory Boards

    Read the meeting notices scheduled for each advisory board, which are listed by the meeting month and day.

  4. Budget Meetings

    Read the meeting notices for scheduled workshops and hearings specifically for the purpose of discussing the Village's budget

  5. Committee of the Whole Workshops

    Read the notices for the scheduled Committee of the Whole workshops of the Village Council.

  6. Regular Council Meetings

    Read the meeting notices for the Regular Council meetings typically scheduled for the first Monday of the month.

  7. Public Meetings, Workshops & Town Halls

    Read the notices for scheduled public meetings, public workshops and Town Halls.

  8. Special Meetings of the Council

    Read the notice and subject matter for scheduled Special Council meetings and Sunshine Meetings (held between 2 or more Council members).

  9. Zoning Hearings

    Read the meeting notices for upcoming Zoning Hearings.