In its capacity as the legislative body of the Village, the Mayor & Council have the power to enact policies, laws and procedures to be implemented and enforced within the boundaries of the Village of Palmetto Bay through the adoption of Resolutions and Ordinances.  Unlike Resolutions that are read into the public record and discussed during a single Council meeting, Ordinances require two readings, meaning that they must be read during two separate meetings of the Council.  All Council meetings must be published and open to the public.  

As provided for in Section 4.3 of the Village Charter, Ordinances are required to effectuate the following:

  1. Adopt or amend an administrative regulation or establish, alter or abolish any Village office, department, board or agency;
  2. Establish a rule or regulation the violation of which carries a penalty;
  3. Levy taxes or appropriate funds;
  4. Grant, renew or extend a franchise;
  5. Set service or user charges for municipal services or grant administrative authority to set such charges;
  6. Authorize the borrowing of money in accordance with Section 4.11 of the Village Charter;
  7. Convey or lease or authorize by administrative action the conveyance or lease of any lands of the Village;
  8. Amend or repeal any ordinance previously adopted, except as otherwise provided in the Village Charter.