Policymaker Video

Meet Councilmember Marsha Matson; Council Seat 3

Seat 3 (District 3) Boundaries

  • Northern Boundary:  SW 168th Street
  • Eastern Boundary:  Biscayne Bay
  • Southern Boundary:  SW 184th Street
  • Western Boundary:  Center line of southbound US 1

Councilmember Matson Policymaker Video

District 3 Councilmember Marsha Matson has called Palmetto Bay her home for nearly 3 decades now.  She has a PHD in Political Science and taught  for 22 years, American Government, Business in Politics, Public Administration and Women In Politics.  Dr. Matson is now part of the Village Council which is composed by mostly women. She says that Hurricane Andrew is what spearheaded her eventual career in politics. She was appointed to the community council which was the pre-incorporation zoning council that the County had established. She worked fiercely for 7 years to incorporate Palmetto Bay. They wanted to bring local government close to the people. One of her main initiatives is the Palmetto Bay Pathway. Not only to help decrease traffic but to get people walking and bicycling outdoors. She wants to connect the sidewalks and bike paths along the perimeter streets of Palmetto Bay. Bringing some kind of connectivity to pedestrians and bicyclists to connect to parks as well as historic sites. Learn more about her initiatives. 

policymaker cover picture for Councilwoman Matson