News Flash

Serving as co-liaisons to the board, Mayor Eugene Flinn and Councilwoman Karyn Cunningham attended the historic first meeting at Village Hall. “This group is off to a great start and is filled with exciting new ideas on how to engage our community's youth in government and local events,” said Councilwoman Cunningham. “Serving along-side the Mayor, I am proud to be a co-liaison to this dynamic committee.”

Mayor Flinn also stated, “It was so gratifying to see our new Youth Community Involvement Board in action during their initial meeting,” he said. “Not since the development of our first Parks Master Plan more than eight years ago have we asked our youth what they want to see in their Village. It was long overdue.”

At the first meeting, Charles Noguera was elected as Chairperson and Katie Signori was elected as the Secretary/Recorder.

According to Mayor Flinn, the YCI Board will greatly assist in getting teenagers active in the Village. "This is a high priority for both Councilwoman Siegel Lara and me -- and the entire Village Council. It’s so important to be responsive to our young people, and to include them in their local government process,” he said.

Mother of YCI member Tatum Rivera, Heather Rivera expressed her gratitude in a recent e-mail to Mayor Flinn, stating, “Thank you for starting a wonderful community program engaging teens in Palmetto Bay to be active citizens of their community. I know this teen council is sure to do great things.

“I am so happy to be a member of this wonderful village,” she continued, “and couldn't have chosen a better place to call home, since uprooting all the way from Arizona 13 years ago.” Noting that more than 29 percent of the community is under the age of 19, Councilmember Cunningham said, “As we move forward, it is important to capture the voices of all stakeholders in our community.”