Academic Internships

This internship is structured to meet the requirements of the school for the specific field of study or degree program that the student is enrolled in.  Assignments are based on the program requirements of the student.  This type of internship is unpaid.       

Eligibility Criteria

Students shall be enrolled in an undergraduate or a graduate degree program.

  • Students shall receive school credit or fulfill an internship requirement for his/her degree program; and documentation shall be provided as evidence of the requirement.
  • Internship assignments shall be closely related to the student’s field of study and/or coursework.
  • The internship assignment shall not continue once the student has satisfied the internship and/or credit requirement for his or her degree program.  Under no circumstances shall the internship assignment extend longer than six (6) months or the equivalent of two (2) consecutive college semesters. 
  • Students shall be in good standing with the college or university that he or she is attending and shall submit at least one (1) letter of recommendation from an instructor of such institution attesting to same.