Internship Program Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process for Academic Internships and Paid Internships

The Human Resources Department shall coordinate the internship recruitment process.  A systematic and consistent process for the collection of information and the placement of interns shall be followed as provided in this section.

  1. Information concerning available internship assignments shall be posted on the Village, college websites and/or bulletin boards, or by any other means as determined by the Village to be the most advantageous in attracting potential candidates. 
  2. The HR Department may collect applications for internship assignments at any time, even when no posting is active.  Internship applications shall be active for a period of 90 days.  After such time, the candidate shall submit a new application to be considered for an internship assignment with the Village.
  3. Candidates eligible for the Academic Credit Internship shall be accepted on a first come first serve basis, contingent upon the availability of vacancies.  Candidates eligible for the Paid Internships shall be accepted based on the candidate’s qualifications, experience, availability, and the applicable screening results.
  4. Intern interviews shall be set up and conducted by the Human Resources Department and any other applicable department, if any. 
  5. The appropriate candidate shall be selected and notified of their selection for the supervising department’s Director.
  6. Final approval by the Village Manager or his/her designee shall be required.