Government Actions on Zika

What Your Village is Doing

At the Aug. 15 Special Council Meeting, the Palmetto Bay Village Council drafted emergency Ordinance 2016-18 appropriating funding to be used toward mosquito control. Presently, there is NO mosquito emergency in the Village but in an effort to be proactive, the funding will be used to augment the County’s mosquito service as well as provide residents with educational literature.

The Village of Palmetto Bay is diligently working to keep residents safe from mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illnesses. Village personnel in both, Public Services and Code Enforcement, are regularly inspecting your neighborhoods to eliminate breeding sites for mosquitoes and eliminating the potential risk factors by:

  • Regular spraying through the use of our misters at Thalatta Estate & Ludovici Park
  • Actively inspecting drains for standing water on Village streets
  • Draining and treating drains on roads with standing water
  • Reporting to the county when water collects on county roads
  • Increasing Code Enforcement to asses properties for standing water and empty containers with collected water
  • Inspecting abandoned pools on foreclosed properties, covering  & reporting to mosquito control for treatment
  • Regularly inspecting Village Parks and other Village properties
  • Opening discussions with The Deering Estate on prevention steps
  • Working with the County to expand their mosquito spraying services
  • Presently looking for quotes to augment the County's mosquito spraying
  • Disseminating information to our residents through our communications channels, including facebooktwitter and our website.

Storm Drain Treatment

On Thursday, May 18, 2017, the Village's Public Services Department treated 280 storm drains with mosquito dunks. The treatment of additional storm drains will continue on Monday, May 22nd.

What Your County is Doing

Miami-Dade County has included consumer information on their Mosquito Control website.  The site includes information about mosquito sprayingreporting mosquito problems and the countywide Zika Virus Action Plan.  

What Your State is Doing

In an effort to keep Florida residents and visitors safe and aware about the status of the Zika virus, the Florida Department of Health will issue daily updates at 2pm.  These updates will include CDC-confirmed cases by county, along with other important updates particularly for South Florida residents.

**** See the Florida Department of Health Daily Zika Virus Updates ****

Additionally, the Florida Department of State has a dedicated Zika Virus Website and an Information Hotline for all Floridians. 

**** Zika Virus Information Hotline is 1-855-622-6735 ****