About Code Compliance

Thousands of residents, business owners, school leaders and places of worship have helped make Palmetto Bay one of the best-looking cities in Miami-Dade County by taking pride in their property. The Village of Palmetto Bay Code Compliance Division was established in July 2004, to help maintain the Village’s park-like look, enhance property values and preserve the high quality of Palmetto Bay neighborhoods.

Code Compliance is an integral part of ensuring that 
the regulations and ordinances of the Village are followed to achieve our quality of life goals. Its mission is to preserve and protect property investments by keeping the Village an attractive, clean and safe place to live and work.


  • Administer the special master hearing process for appeals to code citations
  • Carry out focused code initiatives to address special issues within neighborhoods
  • Continue to educate residential and commercial property owners on code requirements
  • Implement code compliance policies set by the Village Council as specific topics that impact the Village, i.e. water restrictions issued by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) with enforcement responsibilities delegated to municipalities
  • Obtain code compliance through a progressive system of enforcement actions
  • Promote professional development of code compliance officers
  • Respond to code complaints expeditiously