Common Violations

Common Violations for Residential Properties

  • Landscape not being properly maintained.
  • Minimum landscaping required not being maintained.
  • Poorly maintained house paint, trim, garage doors or wood siding.
  • Trailers, boats and camper shells stored in driveways, or stored on side yards not screened from public view.
  • Inoperable vehicles, construction materials and miscellaneous debris stored on the driveway, or stored on side yards not screened from public view.
  • Major auto repairs being performed in public view.
  • Holiday lights not removed within 90 days of the holiday.
  • Debris or trash that is visible from the street.
  • Hurricane shutters not removed within a reasonable timeframe from after the passing of a storm.
  • Parking surface and stripping not being maintained
  • Pools, pool enclosures and pool barriers not being maintained.
  • Work being performed without a permit.
  • Placing temporary signs in the right-of-way
  • Hosting a garage sale without a permit
  • Creating excessive noise
  • Overgrown vacant lots
  • Illegal dumping in vacant lots
  • Parking on unapproved surfaces

Common Violations for Commercial Properties

  • Illegal temporary signs, such as banners and window signs (see the Village's sign regulations for details)
  • Outside storage of goods, materials and equipment
  • Lack of landscape maintenance
  • Lack of parking area maintenance
  • Operating a business without a license
  • Outdoor restaurant seating without a permit