Crime Prevention Information

  • Neighborhood Crime Watch Program (countywide)- contact Officer Judge for details specific to Palmetto Bay.
  • Crime Prevention Tips
    • Lock your doors:  many burglaries occur when vehicles are left unlocked. Car burglaries are crimes of opportunity. Criminals will park their car at one end of the street and then simply walk down the block to scope out which cars are unlocked. 
    • Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle: leaving items of value inside your car, such as purses, computer bags, gym bags, cell phones, iPods, etc., make it easier for thieves to see and want your stuff. Thieves look in, see the item, and either simply open the door or quickly smash a locked car’s window. 
    • Stay vigilant:  be mindful of your surroundings and your actions.  Stay alert and be cautious.
    • Call 911 if your car is broken into:  call the police by dialing 9-1-1 and do not touch, disturb, or move anything until they arrive at the scene. Police will respond and process the scene for possible fingerprints and or other trace evidence, such as DNA, in order identify the subjects. Too often, the victim cleans up the car or moves things around to see what is missing,  and, in doing so, contaminates the scene and crucial evidence is lost.

The Village’s General Investigative Unit (GIU) has the latest crime scene equipment for improved crime-scene photography, documentation, and evidence collection, including wet-surface collection and casting footprints and tire prints. This state-of-the-art equipment allows Officers and Detectives the ability to better identify and prosecute criminals. Partner with your Police;  it takes a partnership to reduce crime.