Compliance Information

Compliance Regulations


Geographic Zones

Zone Boundaries Assigned Code Officer
Zone 1 136 Street (South) to 152 Street (North) from US1 to the Bay  Allen White
Zone 2  152 Street (South) to 168 Street (North) from US1 to the Bay Jackie Villegas
Zone 3 168 Street (South) to 184 Street (North) from US1 to the Bay  Juan Lopez

Authorities of Code Compliance Officer

In carrying out their responsibilities pursuant to Florida Statutes, the Village Code, the Florida Building Code, and Miami-Dade County's codes and ordinances, code officers have the authority to:

  • Issue citations
  • Issue fines as the particular case warrants
  • Issue warning and violation notices

In the event a code violation is not corrected, officers are responsible to process all cases through the code compliance process. The process provides a system of citations for the imposition of fines to promote a fair, expeditious, effective, and inexpensive method of enforcing the codes. Citations may be appealed to a Special Master.