Franjo Road Redevelopment

Project Description

The Village plans to transform Franjo Road, downtown’s future Main Street, into a pedestrian-friendly street in an effort to significantly improve the area’s physical conditions through infrastructure improvements. The project is exemplary of a pedestrian-oriented development, known to bring foot traffic to the area, which is vital to the survival of small, local businesses. New lateral roads will create a better street grid to enhance connectivity within the area and provide street frontage to a larger number of businesses, thereby increasing their visibility and access. With this project, Palmetto Bay expects to experience significant growth in its downtown corridor as the Village seeks to create an environment that will attract investment to its downtown area and serve as a catalyst for the redevelopment of what is now a cluster of underutilized and neglected public streets and private properties.

Project Scope

Includes the reconstruction of approximately 2,850 linear feet on Franjo Road from SW 184th Street to the right of way of US-1 and construction of (3) new streets SW 178th Street, SW 179th Street and 95th Avenue (Park Drive) and renovation of the existing SW 180th to include a new bike lane and on-street parking. Additional roadway improvements on Franjo Road include; new traffic circle or roundabout, new bike lanes, new turn lanes, paver on street parallel parking, and pedestrian circle, ADA-compliant curb ramps, decorative paver patterns, repairs to damaged driveway aprons, new striping and paver crosswalks with Palmetto Bay logo inset, new LED street lights, new street signage, new entryway signage, landscaped medians, clock tower, information kiosk, and street furnishings.

Project Boundaries

Generally from the right of way of US-1/ S. Dixie Highway to SW 184TH Street. Downtown Palmetto Bay lies on the eastern border of the Village, and it is encompassed by US-1 to the West and approximately SW 94th Avenue to the East, with Richmond Drive to the North and Eureka Drive to the South.

Roadway and Complete Infrastructure Improvements "Franjo Road Project" RFP

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