Roadway Resurfacing

Village-wide Roadway Resurfacing Project

Palmetto Bay recently completed a village-wide assessment of its roadway conditions.  The assessment prioritized the areas of greatest concern so that our team could develop an implementation strategy to repair new roadway locations. Each fiscal year, funding is allocated to the project and locations are identified according to the assessment.  

Upcoming Roadway Resurfacing Locations

Palmetto Bay recently contracted the services of General Asphalt Co. to complete 10 locations throughout the Village.

Project Scope

The project scope includes the milling and asphalt resurfacing of certain village-owned roads as indicated on the location maps linked below.

Project Locations

Click each link below to see the project location map.

1.    East Hibiscus Street from S. Dixie Highway to Franjo Road

2.    Hope Avenue from SW 183 Street to Wayne Avenue

3.   SW 74 Avenue from SW 162 Street to the Cul de Sac (North)

4.    SW 94 Avenue from SW 170 Street to SW 168 Street

5.    SW 94 Court from SW 170 Street to SW 168 Street

6.    SW 137 Street between SW 73 Avenue and SW 72 Avenue

7.    SW 163 Street between SW 77 Avenue and SW 74 Avenue

8.    SW 165 Street from SW 93 Avenue to SW 92 Avenue

9.    SW 169 Street between Us 1 and SW 92 Court

10.    SW 170 Lane from 94 Avenue to the Cul-de-Sac

Estimated Duration

The project is expected to commence in May and last between 2-3 months.

Total Cost

Project Cost: $ 270,700

Please contact the Public Services Department at 305-969-5011 with any questions regarding the roadway resurfacing project.  

2022 Upcoming Areas - List

  1. SW 165th Street, from SW 93rd Avenue to SW 92nd Avenue
  2. SW 163rd Street, from SW 77th Avenue to SW 74th Avenue
  3. SW 137th Street, from SW 73rd Avenue to SW 72nd Avenue
  4. Hope Avenue, from SW 183rd Street to Wayne Avenue
  5. East Hibiscus Street, from S. Dixie Highway to Franjo Road
  6. SW 74th Avenue, from SW 162nd Street to Cul-De-Sac
  7. SW 94th Avenue, from SW 170th Street to SW 168th Street
  8. SW 94th Court, from SW 170th Street to SW 168th Street
  9. SW 169th Street, from  S. Dixie Highway to SW 92nd Court
  10. SW 170th Lane, from SW 94th Avenue to Cul-De-Sac

See the location maps for each area by clicking here.