About the Office of the Village Clerk

Office of the Village Clerk

The Village Clerk is one of the three Chartered positions in the Village appointed by the Village Council. Reporting directly to the Council, the Village Clerk serves as secretary for the Village Council and of the Municipal Corporation. The responsibilities of the Village Clerk in the Village of Palmetto Bay are as follows:

  • Gives notice of all Council meetings to its members and the public, and shall maintain an accurate record of all Council proceedings
  • Maintains the seal of the Village and attest the Mayor's or the Manager's signature, as the case may be, on all documents
  • Serves as the municipal Supervisor of Elections
  • Administers the publication of the Village Code and Charter
  • Maintains custody of the Village's vital records including agreements, contracts, minutes, ordinances, proclamations, and resolutions
  • Functions as the Information Technology Coordinator
  • Manages all Public Information Requests
  1. Village Clerk

    Physical Address
    9705 E Hibiscus Street
    Palmetto Bay , FL 33157

    Phone: 305-259-1234
    Fax: 305-259-1290

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  1. Sat Apr. 20

    Robert's Rules of Order Training Forum The Village of Palmetto Bay shall be conducting a Robert’s Rules of Order Training Forum for the members of the Village Council facilitated by Florida International University. Although this is not an official meeting of the Village Council and no official action will be taken during the training, members of the public are welcomed to observe, but not participate.
  2. Mon Apr. 22

  3. Mon Apr. 22

    Local Planning Agency Meeting (preceding the Zoning Hearing) Date changed from April 15th to April 22nd.
  4. Mon Apr. 22

  5. Tue Apr. 23

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