Human Resources FAQ

Human Resources Department FAQ

  1. I am interested in a position with the Village of Palmetto Bay. What are the steps that I need to take to apply?
    An employment application must be completed and the original must be submitted via mail or hand-delivered within the position closing date referenced on the announcement.  Employment applications will NOT be accepted electronically. Please note that while you can attach a resume, a resume will not be accepted in lieu of an employment application.
  2. I am interested in applying for more than one position within the Village. Can I resubmit one application for all positions?
    No. An application must be completed for each position.
  3. I have applied to a position/various positions within the Village before, can I resubmit the same application to other open positions within the Village?
    While you are encouraged to submit a new application for any position of interest, our policy allows applications to remain active for a period of 90-days. If your application is active, you must complete a request in writing (via letter or e-mail, stating your name and date, previously applied position, and the position that you are currently interested in.
  4.  I have submitted an employment application and would like to follow up on the status of my application.
    Status of applications must be requested in writing (via letter or e-mail,  In your request, please state your name and the position(s) for which you applied.  Statuses will NOT be provided via telephone.
  5. Volunteering and/or interning
    The Village of Palmetto Bay’s Parks & Recreation Department has a Counselors-In-Training program within their summer camp program. Applications for this are typically accepted between February and March of the same year, and the program begins at the start of the Village’s summer camp program once you have completed all the necessary requirements (application, background, etc.). Currently, this program is the only volunteer opportunity for the Village.

     Academic Internships may be available to individuals who are enrolled in a graduate degree program. These internships are unpaid and are structured to meet the requirements of study/degree program.

    Paid Internships also require the enrollment in a graduate degree program and is subject to available funding as budgeted by the supervising department.

    An internship application must be completed for interested individuals, and specific documentation is required depending on the type of internship selected. Please contact the Human Resources Department via e-mail, for an application or further details.
  6. I need to conduct an employment reference and/or verification on an employee.
    Please e-mail employment verifications to or send via fax, (305) 259-1290, ATTN: Human Resources. We do our best to respond in a timely fashion, however, please note that the turnaround time varies depending on the type of information being requested.