Parks & Recreation FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are your park hours?
    Coral Reef Park:  daily from Sunrise to Sunset
    Palmetto Bay Park:  Monday-Friday 8am to 10pm; Saturday 8am to 9pm; Sunday 8am to 8pm
    Perrine Wayside Dog Park:  daily 8am to Sunset
    Thalatta Estate:  Monday-Thursday 8 am to 5pm and Friday-Saturday 9am to 2pm – September 15 through May 14; and daily 8am to 5pm – May 15 through September 14.
    Ludovici Park:  daily Sunrise to Sunset
  2. Where do I inquire about lost & found items in the parks?
    Call the Tennis and Park Permit Office at Coral Reef Park 305-253-8655.  Our staff will be happy to assist you in hopefully finding your lost item.
  3. Where can I find Park Rules & Regulations?
    The general parks rules may be found here
  4. Is alcohol allowed in the Parks?
    Drinking of alcoholic liquors or beverages and the brining of such into the park areas shall be permitted only for Village sponsored or sanctioned events and only upon receipt of a written permit issued by the Department Director.
  5. Is skateboarding allowed at all parks?
    No person shall skateboard within any park unless that area of a specific park is specifically designated for skateboard use. All persons are prohibited from skating within the park parking lots, around park tot lot areas, on the public benches, pavilions and /or tables.  Please note that the Palmetto Bay Skatepark is located at Palmetto Bay Park, 17535 SW 95 Avenue; open Monday through Friday 4-9pm; Saturday 10a-8p; and Sunday 12n-6p.
  6. Are dogs allowed at parks?
    Dogs are excluded from all parks other than Perrine Wayside Dog Park. This rule shall not apply to the use of a special needs service animals.
  7. How do I reserve a park facility?
    Park facilities may be reserved by contacting or visiting the Tennis and Park Permit Office located at Coral Reef Park, 7895 SW 152 Street; Monday through Friday 8am-12noon and 3-9pm; Saturday and Sunday 8am-7pm; 305-253-8655.
  8. During my event/rental: may I have a DJ/live/amplified music?  …..may I bring in a BBQ grill in that the existing park grills are too small to accommodate cooking for my guest? … long does it take to get my clean-up/security deposit back?                          
    Amplified music is prohibited; however, upon written permission from the Parks and Recreation Director, amplified music may be played only within your designated rental area.  Additionally, permission from the Director must be obtained to bring in a private grill, which must be isolated and buffered so that children may not wander too close.  Normally, security deposits (i. e., check/credit card authorization) are returned the day-of following a post-rental inspection by park staff.  Note: security checks are not deposited and credit card charges are not processed unless the post-event inspection identifies an area of concern requiring monetary compensation for remedy.
  9. Does Palmetto Bay offer Summer Camps for children?
    A traditional fun-filled summer camp is offered at Coral Reef Park for children 5-12 years of age; which includes classroom activities; outdoor games; arts and crafts; game room; field trips and swimming.  The weekly (Monday-Friday; 8am-6pm) cost is $135 inclusive of tax.  A Tennis Camp is also offered Mondays through Fridays at a cost of $115 for half-day (9am-12noon); $175 for full day (9am to 3pm); and $225 for an extended day (9am to 6pm) -all fees plus tax.  Registration begins the first week in May.  For more information on these and other specialty camps in-planning, please call 305-259-1234.
  10. What is the distance around the outer-loop of the Coral Reef Park walking trail? The Palmetto Bay Park trail?
    Coral Reef Park: 1.16 miles
    Palmetto Bay Park:  .77 mile

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