Public Services (Public Works) FAQs

Public Services FAQ

  1. What can I do about cars speeding in my residential neighborhood? 
    The Public Services department has established a temporary speed hump application for residents who wish to have traffic control devices installed as a means to deter vehicles from traveling at a high rate of speed through their neighborhoods.  
  2. What do I do if I want to have a tree removed from in front of my property? 
    Residents will need to contact Miami-Dade County's Office of Regulatory and Economic Resources at 305-372-6789 to file for a tree removal permit. RER will then inspect the tree and determine if there is just cause for removal to approve permit, and contact Public Services with the results.
  3. What can I do about flooding on my street? 
    A resident who is experiencing flooding can contact the Public Services Department and have a work order opened to have staff inspect the storm drains for blockage or obstructions.
  4. Is the Ibus shuttle running on time today or Where is the Ibus Shuttle? 
    Public Services receives calls periodically requesting confirmation that the Ibus shuttle is running on time, or to ask where the shuttle is at a certain time of the day. Our administrative assistant will let riders know where the Ibus is and inform as to stop times, as well as direct them to the Public Services webpage for downloadable bus routes and schedules.
  5. Information on Projects happening in the Village 
    Residents will call Public Services to ask about construction or projects that they may see happening in their neighborhood. Our administrative assistant will again give information on the project and estimated completion dates, and then guide residents to check out the Village website for more information on ongoing projects and MOT plans.
  6. How can I schedule a bulky waste pick-up? 
    Residents requiring a bulky waste pick-up are directed to call Miami-Dade County's Department of Transportation and Public Works Department at 311 (305-468-5900) to place request.
  7.  Am I responsible for trimming the tree planted on the ROW in front of my house? 
    Residents are responsible for the maintenance of any trees that are planted on the right of way of their property.  A Landscape Maintenance Covenant can be found on the Public Services website and is required for any resident considering planting your own landscaping in the right of way.
  8. Do I need a Temporary Road Closing Permit? Residents must file an application for a Temporary Street Closing Permit with Public Services no later than 14 days prior to an event. You must also submit a petition signed by 75% of residents within the area being barricaded, and provide announcements to all area residents.
  9. What is the status of my permit application? Residents or Businesses submitting permit applications call to request the status.  Permits are reviewed by the Field Operations Supervisor and/or the Public Services Director depending on the work being performed.
  10. There is a dead animal in the middle of the road that needs to be picked up.
    Residents can call to report a dead animal on the public roadways and Public Services staff will pick up immediately and clear roads.