Pet Friendly Shelters

Pet-Friendly Evacuation Centers

Pet owners residing in qualified evacuation zones, unsafe structures or mobile homes can participate in the Pet-Friendly Evacuation Centers. Miami Dade County Animal Services operates pet-friendly shelters during emergencies. Pre-registration is not required to use the evacuation center. Evacuation centers will be announced as needed. 

Upon arrival at the center, pets will be examined by a licensed veterinarian to determine if the pet presents a safety risk. Any pet deemed a risk will not be allowed to enter the evacuation center.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Check out this website and enter your city and state information to get a list of pet-friendly hotels in your area.

Requirements for admittance to Pet Friendly Evacuation Centers:

    • Provide proof of residency within an evacuation zone. Examples include: a valid photo identification and recent utility bill showing current address for adult registrant. 
    • Present medical and current vaccination records for each pet. Annual rabies vaccinations and a visible Miami-Dade County dog license are required. Strict enforcement concerning these violations is essential to ensure a rabies-free community. Cats are also required to have annual rabies vaccinations.
    • Pet owners must bring supplies for themselves and their pet.
    • Limit four pets per household.
    • At least one family member must remain in the evacuation center with the pet.
  • Pet owners must be prepared to care and maintain control over their pets at all time.

    In order to avoid injury to response personnel or the public, owners are required to:
    • Maintain their pets in a crate, on a leash or otherwise controlled
    • Muzzle aggressive or anxious pets
  • Pet owners should also be aware of the following circumstances:
    • Should there be a need to monitor pets for contamination, owners must maintain control of the pet and follow the directions of the responders providing the emergency services.
    • Should there be a need to wash contaminants from pets, owners shall be expected to conduct the wash down under the direction of emergency responders.
    • Pets that become a threat to responders or the public will be placed under the control of an animal control officer.

For more information, see the Frequently asked questions on disaster preparedness and visit the Miami-Dade County Department of Emergency Management.

*Animal Services does not board animals during emergencies. The Pet Adoption and Protection Center will be crowded due to displaced animals immediately after a storm, and it is not possible to kennel owned animals prior to an emergency event.

American Red Cross Resources

After a disaster, letting your family and friends know that you are safe and well can bring your loved ones great peace of mind.

The following services are designed to help make that communication easier.