Police Reports and Other Service Requests

Our Policing Unit offers a variety of services to the Palmetto Bay residents through its ever popular Community Outreach Program.  Click on one (or more) of the links below and learn how you can establish a Neighborhood Crime Watch Program with your neighbors, have an officer inspect your business or home and provide useful feedback for security enhancements and pointers, request an off-duty police officer, and more!

Requesting Police Records

Palmetto Bay contracts out its policing services to Miami-Dade County Police Department under an Interlocal Agreement with Miami-Dade County.  To request records related to police, please click the link below:

Filing a Police Report

You may file a police report online with the Miami-Dade County Police Department by clicking here. You may also file a police report with the Palmetto Bay Policing Unit.

Make an Online Appointment for Fingerprinting or Background Checks

You can now make your appointment online with our policing unit for fingerprinting services or background checks.  Please click the blue box below to access the appointment system.  The appointment module shows all available dates and times for your convenience. Once the appointment is made, you will receive a confirmation via text or email, depending on the contact information that you provide or that is required. Registration is not required to use the service.

  • Fingerprinting services at Village Hall do not include electronic fingerprinting, only fingerprinting by ink imprint.

Public Records Disclosure: Florida has very broad public records laws. Most written communications to or from local officials regarding official business are public records available to the public and media upon request.