IV. Purpose & Applicability

1. The purpose of this policy is to:
a. provide information to the general public concerning the application of Florida Public Records Law and Village policies related to the access of public records; and, 
b. provide Village of Palmetto Bay employees, officials, volunteers and board members with the information and procedures necessary to understand and carry out their responsibilities under the Florida Public Records Law and the Village of Palmetto Bay rules concerning the manner in which public records requests are to be processed to ensure that responses to the requests are timely, organized, inclusive, and compliant with ap plicable statutes, rules and regulations.

2. The policy applies to members of the Village Council, Charter Officers and all employees of the Village of Palmetto Bay. Application of the policy also extends to independent contractors, Village consultants and advisory boards that have been delegated the authority to perform some governmental function subject to the requirements of F.S. Chapter 119. This policy also applies to all existing records, regardless of physical form, characteristics, or means of transmission, created or received by the Village in connection with the transaction of official business.