VI. Procedure

The following procedure is based entirely on the provisions contained in Resolution No. 2017-20.
  1. 1. Responsibilities of Village Officials:
    a) The Village Clerk is designated as the public records officer and custodian of records of the Village. 
    i. The Clerk shall maintain a log or register of all public record request s, whether written or oral,including the date and time the request is received.
    ii. If the records sought to be inspected are within the care and cu stody of the Clerk, the Clerk shall provide the appropriate response.
    iii. If the records are in the care and custody of the Village, other than the Clerk, and thus in the ultimate care and custody of the Manager, the Clerk shall immediately notify the Manager of the request.
    b) The Village Manager is responsible for providing an appropriate response to the Clerk, so that the Clerk may provide such appropriate response to the requester.
  2. Appropriate Response:
    a) Inspection: under the Florida Constitution and Florida Statutes, the minimum required appropriate response is for the government to allow inspection of the non-exempt public records.
    b) Under the Florida Constitution and Florida Statutes, the government, at its convenience and with agreement of the requester, may provide the requester paper copies of the records or electronically-stored copies as an appropriate response.
    c) Except for requests for lien searches, building plans, and employment records, upon the Clerk having provided an appropriate response, the Clerk shall provide the appropriate material to the Manager. The Manager shall thereafter post on the village website a description of the request and a description of the appropriate response as either a response by electronic storage of the record(s), by paper copy of the record(s), or by personal inspection by the requester of the record(s). If the appropriate response by the Clerk is other than by personal inspection of the record(s) by the requester, then the Manager shall post on the website an electronic copy of the record(s) provided (unless the size of the posting would not be practical, in such case a notice of the availability of the electronically stored information or paper copies are available in the Manager's office.) 
  3. Timeliness:
    a) Except as provided herein, all public records requests shall receive an appropriate response within fourteen (14) calendar days of the request, excluding federal or state government  holidays.
    b) If such an appropriate response cannot be provided in fourteen (14) calendar days, excluding federal and state government holidays, for good cause the Village may extend the response time by an additional fourteen (14) days, excluding federal and state government holidays.
    c) If any, that an appropriate response has not been provided to a public records request within twenty-nine (29) calendar days, excluding federal and state government holidays The Clerk shall report to the Council members by memorandum at such time why an appropriate answer has not been provided.
    d) The Manager shall post on the village website on a newly created page or section labeled "Public Information Requests" the materials, whether printed for pickup, scanned, or emailed, by the Clerk, within four (4) working days of receipt of the materials from the Clerk.