Log of Final Council Action

Final Actions of the Village Council

Determining final actions taken by the Village Council on various items can be achieved under present record-keeping procedures only by reading the complete minutes of Council Meetings. An easier and quicker method of determining final action of the Council on various items would facilitate public access and internal Village access to this important information. A simplified log of final Council action would facilitate such ease of access. 

On November 6, 2017, the Village Council passed and adopted a Resolution that instructed the Village Clerk to prepare, maintain, and publish on the Village website a simplified log of all final Village Council actions (whether by motion, Resolution, or Ordinance), including only the following: (i) date of the Council Meeting; (ii) identity of action item; (iii) result of the vote; (iv) numerical vote totals - number for and against. The log shall be completed and published on the Village website no later than five (5) days following the relevant Council meeting.

For additional information, please contact the Village Clerk at (305) 259-1234 and/or clerk@palmettobay-fl.gov. 

Council Meetings - Log of Final Council Action

Below is the log of Final Council Action for all meetings of the Village Council, including Regular Council Meetings, Special Council Meetings, and Local Planning Agency Meetings.  Logs are listed with the most recent meeting first.

You may also click the link below to hear the meeting highlights for each Council meeting (link to Village's YouTube Channel)

Zoning Hearings - Log of Final Council Action

Read or download the Final Council Action logs for all Zoning Hearings, listed by date showing the most recent hearing first.