Earth Day Art Contest 2020

1st Place Winner 2020 - Sophia Pichirilo

6th grader at Southwood Middle School

Earth Day Art Contest Winner 2020 Play by Play Magazine Cover

Calling all Middle School (6-8 Grade) Students!

The Village of Palmetto Bay invites middle school students to be a part of the 2020 Earth Day Art Contest! The winning artwork will be selected for the front cover of the e-Village of Parks Play-by-Play Recreation Guide Spring/Summer Edition. We encourage students to design an original design depicting this year’s theme:

“Climate Action”

Earth Day’s Global 2020 Theme

Earth Day’s 50th Year Anniversary Global 2020 Theme: Earth Day 2020 will be far more than a day. It must be a historic moment when citizens of the world rise-up in a united call for the creativity, innovation, ambition, and bravery that we need to meet our climate crisis and seize the enormous opportunities of a zero-carbon future. It will be important that you visit the website for more information and a better understanding of how to express the theme and the global mission through your artwork. Please also watch this one-minute video link: Get creative! This is a BIG Year for Earth Day!

»»» Artwork Submittal Deadline:  Friday, February 21, 2020 «««

»»» Enter Your Artwork Online «««

2020 Earth Day Art Contest Rules

  • Entry must be original artwork created by a student who is currently enrolled in middle school (6-8 grade).
  • Student must register for the contest online and electronically submit their artwork by the DEADLINE: Friday, February 21, 2020.
  • Original Artwork may be done in marker, crayon, paint pens, watercolor, ink, acrylic, colored pencil, and/or tempera paint or graphically designed. Collages are also acceptable.
  • Artwork should NOT display names of commercial products, companies or organizations. Artwork should also NOT display your name or school name.
  • Artwork must be designed using the following dimension: 8.75” wide x 7.25” height. View sample cover by visiting the Village of Palmetto Bay website at under the Parks & Recreation Department page/Publications tab.
  • Artwork must be related to the contest theme. The theme should be exemplified on the artwork.
  • Artwork entry will be done at time of your online registration. Artwork will need to be scanned/or photographed for electronic submittal (uploaded on the registration form) as a JPEG or PDF file with a resolution of 300 DPI.
  • You may visit the Earth Day Network website for more information and ideas on this year’s theme. Visit
  • Students who do not follow the above specifications or submit artwork that is NOT original will be disqualified.

 All entries shall become the sole property of the Village of Palmetto Bay.  All entries will then be judged by members of the Tree Board.  The winner will be announced the week of March 9, 2020 and results will be posted on the Village of Palmetto Bay’s website and social media.

The winning school and student will be honored with a ceremonial tree planting on school grounds on Friday, April 17th (time to be mutually agreed upon) and the winner will receive a prize and Certificate of Appreciation for the student and art teacher. For more information, please contact or 305-259-1234.