Public Records Requests Archives - 2018

On February 6, 2017, Village Council passed Resolution 2017-20 which directs Village Administration to post all public records requests on the Village website except for requests for lien searches, building plans, and employment records.

Whereby an electronic record is too large to upload, the record copies will be available in the Village Clerk's office either in electronic format or in hard copies. We will note this below under the "Response/ Documents Provided" column.

  1. January - July 2018
  2. August - December 2018
Request No. Description Response
2018-001 Copy of Elevation Certificate for property address: 15020 SW 75th Court Palmetto Bay, FL 33158 Response
2018-002 Copy of signed contract with all addendums and attachments between Palmetto Bay and Marlin Engineering for traffic calming study and recommendations.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-003 Ridership numbers for Ibus for last quarter of 2017.  Response
2018-004 Copy of permit history listings, property plans, property survey and any open permits on property address: 7440 SW 163 Street Palmetto Bay, FL 33157 Response
2018-005 I-Bus record of how many riders average per day and where do they live? Response
2018-006 Any open or expired permits on file for Amerigas Propane or Luis Hernandez-Baquero  - State License 29626 Response
2018-007 Copy of plans from previous contractor for city sewer connection. Permit was released to us (new contractor) without any copies of approved plans.  Response
2018-008 Copy of violation information for property address: 8875 SW 172 Terrace Miami, Fl 33157 Response
2018-009 Requests for traffic counts on Old Cutler Road between SW 144th St and SW 152nd St; SW 152nd Street between 67th Ave and Old Cutler Road; SW 67th Ave between SW 136th St and SW 144th ST and SW 67th Ave between SW 144th St and 152nd St.  Response
2018-010 Requesting the February 9, 2017 application from Shores Development to build the 280 unit eight story apartments on Wayne Rosen's 3.34 acre site just west of village hall.  Response
2018-011 Copy of Wayne Rosen's Shores Development original offer to the Village offering to sell the two acre parcel to the east of Village Hall. This offer included the conditions of the offering.  Response
2018-012 All emails from Bill Kestel to all individual Council member or Village Manager during 2017. Also include any emails from a Council member to Mr. Kestel.  Response
2018-013 The specifics of the purchase/ and including a description and FCC # of each/all, and who and/or what department is responsible for the "usage" and possession/maintenance/control of each.  Response
2018-014 All council related/involved back and forth emails to and from the Village of Palmetto Bay by resident William Kestel also known as Bill Kestel.  Requestor no longer needs information
2018-015   Response
2018-016 Purchasing records from 1-1-13 to current.  Response
2018-017 Available parking spaces for property address: 17031 S. Dixie Hwy. Palmetto Bay, Fl 33157 Response
2018-018 Any and all copied of inspection reports, applications, permits or records or photographs pertaining to and construction projects at Kings Bay Shopping Center LTD Prop. at 14441 S. Dixie Highway  Response
2018-019 Any and all documents associated with permit # Z LG- 2006-0627 for property located at 6028 Paradise Point Drive Palmetto Bay 33157. Also, looking for any and all documents associated with similar permits for installation of boat lifts within the Royal Harbour Yacht Club Marina.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-020 Copy of blue prints for property address: 13921 SW 73rd Ct. Palmetto Bay, Fl  Response
2018-021   Response
2018-022 List of permits issued by Palmetto Bay for 7640 SW 137 Street Response
2018-023 Copy of permit issued by Palmetto Bay to restripe 16705 Old Cutler Road Folio # 33-5026-002-0040 Response
2018-024 Copy of Village of Palmetto Bay's fiscal records concerning unclaimed, uncashed, undelivered, and/or outstanding funds or obligations, including any and all: checks or warrants issued by the Village for payments on obligations incurred by any Village agency, department, office, or other authorized authority that have remained outstanding amounts on deposit with the Village that are held in trust for recipients whose whereabouts are unknown, including instances in which payment was never attempted, payment was never requested, and/or instances when payments were returned as undelivered. Such payments may relate to (but are not limited to) vendor payments, tax refunds/overages/refunds, over payments, cash deposits, cash escrows, and unsuccessful electronic fund transfers. PWC is specifically interested in outstanding obligations that meet the following criteria: Amount is greater than $999.99 Payee retains the right to claim the funds (i.E. The payment has not been replaced, was not issued in error, and/or the obligation to the payee has not been voided by law.) Is owed/payable to non-individuals, (i.e. businesses) Has remained outstanding for a period of six months or longer. Are not in the process of being reissued, to the best of your knowledge. Has not been turned over to your State's Abandoned Property Office the appropriate report from your accounting database should include the following if available/applicable: Payee name, amount, original payment date, address, check number, cancellation date, nature of the funds, contract/invoice/voucher # or other numbers used internally to identify the payment. Information that clearly identifies the office/division that issued the payment (i.e. agency code). If tax-related: Name of the taxpayer and/or intended recipient or account number or property index number (PIN) or tax year; tax installment date; original tax payment date PwC is only interested in receiving records pertaining to non-natural persons (businesses). Response
2018-025 Traffic counts for SW 77th Court Response
2018-26 Surveys in Appendices A-C for strategic plan Response
2018-27 Permit Card - BLD-2015-7351, Permit Application, plans/ shop drawings: property address: 8285 SW 178 Terrace  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-28 Survey for 17325 SW 84th Court Palmetto Bay, Fl 33157 to find exactly where the septic tank is located and it's dimensions. Response
2018-29 A list of all notices of violations ("NOV") issued by Palmetto Bay for the period beginning September 1, 2017 through and including December 31, 2017 for any of the following (i) building code violations and (ii) for failure to obtain a 40 year re-certification. Also include (i) name and mailing address of the property owner (ii) name and address of the alleged violator (iii) the date of the inspection giving rise to the NOV; (iv) date the NOV was issued (v) the NOV number or case number (vi) the address and folio number of the property for which the NOV was issued and (vii) the statue or ordinance number cited in each of the notices of violations.  Response
2018-30 Copy of business tax license, copy of ordinance regarding tax receipt - what can be done, not done regarding business tax receipt. What is the zoning use of address 9055 SW 158th Street  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-31 The audio recordings of Zoning Hearing dated December 18, 2017, Sunshine Meeting between David Singer and Eugene Flinn dated December 22, 2017 and Sunshine Meeting between David Singer, CalAtlantic and FPL.  Response
2018-32 Request to listen to the recording of the 11-30-17 services/administrative advisory committee meeting.  Response
2018-33 Duplicate permit card and copy of permit for BLD-2016-9706 for property address: 7765 SW 142 Street Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-34 Requesting copies of citations and warnings for property address: 9055 SW 158th Street from period 1/2012 to present. Also, include results fo special master hearings for 1/2012 to present for address 9055 SW 158th Street.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-35 All plans, permits, surveys and additions for property address: 7465 SW 163 Street Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-36 Copy of building drawings for 13611 South Dixie Highway, 13611 South Dixie Highway Suites 101-107, 13611 South Dixie Highway Dress Barn and 13611 South Dixie Highway Picture Perfect Art and Frames.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-37 Copy of closed permits and floor plans for property address: 8830 SW 159 Street Palmetto Bay, FL 33157 Folio # 33-5028-005-1830 Response
2018-38 Copy of last agreement with Brandano Displays, Inc.  Response
2018-39 Listing of all permits, open/closed, liens and violations for property under folio # 33-5033-000-0560 and a copy of any open permits, liens or violations.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-40 Existing permits & permit history on 6000 Paradise Point Drive Palmetto Bay, FL 33157.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-41 Copy of closed permit for property address: 7440 SW 136 Street Palmetto Bay, FL 33156 Response
2018-42 Request the name, address, email, phone number, date of appointment, term of appointment (beginning year to final year), if chair, appointed by whom, and name of the advisory committee, task force, or any other group of the Village of Palmetto Bay to which the member has been appointed by the council and the manager.  Response
2018-43 Copy of plans on record for property address: 7960 SW 157th Street Palmetto Bay, Fl  Response
2018-44 Requesting the following items 1. E-News Subscribers First Name, Last Name, Email address, List subscribed to 2. List of registered Volunteers from the Volunteer Office: Full name, address, home phone, work phone, cellphone, email address. 3. Village of Palmetto Bay (Active, Inactive) Vendor name, DBA (fictitious name) Business address, mailing address, contact person, phone and email.  Response
2018-45 Copy of the Sign-In sheet of the meeting that occurred with residents regarding Farmers Road dated August 2016.  Response
2018-46 Any and all expenses paid for on behalf of each individual council member in 2017 - include travel, hotels, association fee, meals, meetings, continuing ed, everything.  Response
2018-47   Response
2018-48 2017-2018 signage company list for channel letter sign for my business.  Response
2018-49 Documents including the complaint and disposition for any and all cases where the Village of Palmetto Bay made a monetary payment (directly or indirectly through an insurance company) to resolve a "sexual harassment" complaint from January 1st, 2013 until today. This includes payments for complaints resulting in EEOC charges, lawsuit settlements, jury awards, or by any other means - and covers all elected and un elected officials, employees and departments under the Village's purview.  Response
2018-50 Copy of any and all expenses paid for by the Village relating to the 2018 Tallahassee Dade Days event Response
2018-51 Copy of 40 year certification for 8925 SW 148th Street Palmetto Bay, FL  Response
2018-52 Copy of all submitted bids and awarded bids for the Village of Palmetto Bay 16th Annual Picnic Celebration - rides and inflatables.  Response
2018-53 Plans for sewer system in the 17041 Plaza in Palmetto Bay Response
2018-54 A listing of senior residents (ages 60 and older) residing in the Village of Palmetto Bay and their addresses.  Response
2018-55 Information on recently installed temporary speed bumps.  Response
2018-56 Certified document that no roofing permit was obtained between January 2003 and October 31, 2015 for property address 16720 SW 81st Avenue, Miami, Fl 33157 Response
2018-57 Certified copies of all building permits obtained by LAR Construction Inc. between 6-1-17 to 2-1-18  Response
2018-58   Response
2018-59 Copy of Contract with CITT for I-bus including the grant.  Response
2018-60 Any current information such as foreclosures, liens etc for property address: 8875 SW 172nd Terrace Palmetto Bay, FL  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-61 Floor plan for 9555 SW 175th Terrace and Floor plan for 17511 South Dixie Highway.  Response
2018-62 Names of the Mayors, Vice Mayors and Council Members from 2008-2016. Optional: phone numbers and e-mails.  Response
2018-63 Copy of permits for (expired or open) Eric Nunez 9070 SW 156 Street  Response
2018-64 Permit package (roof) BRF-2018-3075 property address: 8255 SW 141 Street Palmetto Bay, FL 33158 Response
2018-65 Copy of (1) approved parking site plan for Colonial Palms 13623 South Dixie Plaza (2.) master site plan (3.) Currently provided parking  Response
2018-66 Copy of audio recording for the Town Hall Meeting on 2/13/18 at 6:00 pm Response
2018-67 Copy of property survey for property address: 8245 SW 179 Terrace Palmetto Bay, Fl  Response
2018-68 Information about February 28, 2018 complaint about unkept yard at 9300 SW 180 Street - resulting in Code enforcement inspection.  Response
2018-69   Response
2018-70 Copy of residential boundary survey for property address: 6060 Paradise Point Drive.  Response
2018-71 Copy of written minutes from Sunshine Meeting from 5-9-17 at 5 pm.  Response
2018-72 Permit and plans fro Golden Rule Seafood Restaurant property address: 17505 South Dixie Highway Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-73 Need certified copies of any permits/plans for property address: 17002 SW 86th Avenue Palmetto Bay, Fl  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-74 Any and all permit plans for the land located at Folio # 33-5023-000-0582 including plans to develop land and building plans.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-75 All filed documents related to the lake filling and/or planned development activity or any application and documents relating to property folio # 3350230000582. Would also like copies of D.E.R.M. permits.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-76 Copy of draft minutes of special council meeting 2-21-18 Response
2018-77 E-mails containing County comments originally received by the Village. Also, a copy of the TAP grant application.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-78 Copy of addition off of Master bedroom permit for addition. Copy of listing of all permits pulled for property address 7510 SW 163rd Street Palmetto Bay, FL  Response
2018-79 NOA: for permit ZLG-2005-0275 permit B-2005-3188 Response
2018-80 Copy of closed permit for a roof replacement at 7820 SW 147 Street Palmetto Bay, FL 33158. The permit closed at the beginning of January 2013.  Response
2018-81 Listing of open or closed permits for property address: 13745 SW 73 Court Palmetto Bay, Fl  Response
2018-82 Copy of the release for a violation that was recorded in Public Records. Violation # CFN 2016 R0518844 or BK30218 Pgs 3605-3606 recorded on 9-6-2016 Response
2018-83 Copy of permit and plans for property address 17525 South Dixie Highway Copy of permit # BLD 2016-8646 and # ELE-2016-2467 Response
2018-84 Copy of the alternate ordinance presented by Councilman Singer for the VMU Response
2018-85 Copy of all e-mails sent between Scott Silver regarding The Palmetto Bay Village Center property address on Old Cutler Road and SW 177-184th during the last 7 days (3-12-18 - 3-19-18)  Response
2018-86 Copy of plans for the following property addresses: 9847 SW 184th Street and 9849 SW 184th Street Response
2018-87 1. Copy of elevation plans, North, East, South, West, Plan and section drawing 2. Copy of Floor Plan address: 16701 SW 72nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33157 Richmond Cottage on Deering Estate  Response
2018-88 Copy of warnings or tickets on code violations on 9055 SW 158th Street from dates January 2008 to December 2013. Also, requesting copy of warnings or tickets on code violations for 15810 SW 90 Avenue and 15935 SW 90 Avenue for dates January 2015 to present.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-89 Floor plans for 15230 SW 74th Ct. Palmetto Bay, Fl 33157 Response
2018-90 Copy of 2012 previous certificate of use and floor plans to include previous square footage for property address: 14795 South Dixie Highway  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-91 Provide all names, e-mails, addresses and phone numbers of recipients of your Village at Work newsletter.  Response
2018-92 Was a roof permit pulled since November 1, 2013 at property address: 7391 SW 156 Street Palmetto Bay, Fl Folio # 33-5026-022-0420 Response
2018-93 Copies of floor plans (most recent) for property address: 17002 SW 86 Avenue  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-94 For period of 1/1/2013- 03/29/2018. All Village of Palmetto Bay permits, zoning changes, approvals for commencement of Land filling and construction, any presentation materials to the village council and government and notices to the public regarding the planned construction of housing on previously owned by FPL property on behalf of RJR Land Filling LLC, (Robert Rieder) as well as Windsor Investments, LLC, (Sheri Loiacono & Lisa Bennett). All permits for land fill, any correspondence and/or agreements from Miami-Dade County. Folio # 33-5023-000-0582 Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-95 Copy of permit for property address: 7765 SW 143 Street Palmetto Bay, FL 33157 # B-2006-3917 Folio # 33-5022-020-0090 Response
2018-96   Response
2018-97   Response
2018-98 Copy of David Singer's handout from Regular Council Meeting on April 2, 2018.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-99   Response
2018-100 Details of the closing on the Rosen property partial purchase. Requesting details of the deal and the survey and title/folio of the land described.  Response
2018-101 E-mail copy of the opinion letter by John Herin regarding land use and/or zoning at the Palmetto Bay Village Center.  Response
2018-102 All permit information relevant to the site on 152nd Street being filled in and all meeting that you and any council members have had over the past 3 years regarding filling in of the lake.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-103 Microfilms/building plans for 7840 SW 173 Terrace.  Response
2018-104 Microfilms plans for 7840 SW 183 Terrace  Response
2018-105 Copy of official documents from the Village's bond rating company showing the bond rating for the Village of Palmetto Bay for the following years: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.  Response
2018-106 Listing and copy of complete open permits, please include all permit cards and all plans. Address: 15445 SW 81 Avenue Permit #: BLD-2016-9638, BLD,-2017-0123, ELE-2017-2724, PLB-2017-2407 and PLB-2017-2475 Response
2018-107   Response
2018-108 Copy of the Palmetto Bay digital mailing list. Response
2018-109 Request for permits on property prior to 2002 property address: 6977 SW 148th Terrace  Response
2018-110 Copy of the Village email list.  Response
2018-111 E-mail list of names with e-mails, addresses and phone numbers of attendees at the April 5, 2018 Community Center Workshop held at Village Hall.  Response
2018-112 E-mail list of streets scheduled to or proposed to receive speed bumps, speed humps, or any other traffic calming method. Please list the date each street will or is proposed to receive the traffic calming.  Response
2018-113 Copy of 1. Permit card 2. Permit application 3. Plans for permit # BRF 2018-3047 8600 SW 155 Terr Response
2018-114 Roofing cost for current Village Hall Roof (done 2010) and warranty, contractor, metal specifications. Drawings and plans.  Response
2018-115   Response
2018-116 Access to or copies of any and all communications by, between, including, to , or from any of the following individuals since March 19, 2018 regarding the Village of Palmetto Bay's acquisition of 2/.34 +/-acres of vacant land at the intersection of 97th Avenue and 178th Street or any discussion of the same: a) Village of Palmetto Bay Manager Ed Silva b) Village of Palmetto Bay Councilmember David Singer c) Deidre Krause (d) Any employee/agent/representative of "The PR Company" e) Village of Palmetto Bay Councilmember Eugene Flinn.  Requesor picked up response in person
2018-117 Floor plans for 14241 SW 78 Court Palmetto Bay, FL 33158. Also include listing of open and closed permits on the property.  Response
2018-118 Liens and code violations (copies of open violations) Plumbing work and electrical work (listing of permits) 9305 SW 178 Terrace Palmetto Bay, FL 33157 Response
2018-119 Copies of all open permits for 9319 SW 170 Street 33157 Response
2018-120 Councilmember David Singer has posted via social media that he personally financed a scientific polling of Palmetto Bay citizen/residents in regards to their opinions on the Community Center project currently before council. Since the expenditure of public funds is being used for the Community Center, any poll taken to gauge residents' citizen views to that project should be made public. Mr. Singer's facebook posts about the poll stated that it was approximately 50 pages and that he would not disclose the entire poll, and chose to show two photos of the poll results on Facebook. He stated that he funded the poll results on Facebook. He stated that he funded the poll personally in order to "know what was important to residents so I could govern more effectively." The poll and the subsequent results are not referenced by, nor available to view/download, on the Village website. I am hereby filing a public records request for the entire poll conducted by a "a scientific poll by a very well respected firm." - David Singer, Facebook, April 16-17, 2018 Completed and response emailed to requestor
2018-121 All of the Campaign Treasurer's Report for Candidate David Singer in the November 2016 Village Election. I had requested this information in December 2017, but I did not receive reports that covered Nov. 3, 2016 until the end of the election cycle.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-122 Property plans (floor plans) or other plans. Recent or when the house was built for property address: 7941 SW 176th Street Response
2018-123 Permits, liens, and/or any outstanding debts for 9305 SW 178 Terrace Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-124 All Councilwoman Karyn Cunningham and Councilman John DuBois Palmetto Bay e-mails since January 1, 2017.  Response
2018-125 All Councilwoman Cunningham e-mail address from her weekly newsletter and her Palmetto Bay tablet/laptop. Also, requesting a copy of her hard drive which I will bring a portable hard drive that can be downloaded too.  Response
2018-126 Certified copy of plans for permits: BLD-2016-9603 and ELE-2016-2531. Need to repair sign and need to pull appropriate plans for Dairy Queen 14271 South Dixie Highway Folio # 33-5021-002-0110 Response
2018-127 Copies of final as-built construction drawings, complete set of as-built drawings for house, set to include architectural, structural, civil, survey, plumbing, electrical, mechanical for property address: 9374 SW 173 Terrace 33157 Folio # 33-5033-058-0080 Response
2018-128 Copies of drawings existing on microfilm (architecture, structural, civil etc) for property address: 8240 SW 148 Drive Palmetto Bay, FL 33158 Folio # 33-5022-044-0050 Response
2018-129 I-bus ridership numbers for the months of January through March, 2018.  Response
2018-130 Information from today's event of Senior Game day.  How much money it cost the Village and how many people showed up at the event?  Response
2018-131 1. All the e-mail addresses used to send the document on April 30, 2018 titled "David Singer Speaks" 2. All the e-mail addresses provided to the Village by those who created an account, registered for any service or notification on the website or any other means since December 2016. 3. The senders' e_mail addresses from all the e-mails received y all the Council members since December 2016 (inbox).  Response
2018-132 Campaign Treasurer Reports from the 2016 Election.  Response
2018-133 All plans for interior of the above referenced address: 7290 SW 168th Street Specific units (current) are Buys B&C. Tenant name: wellbeing yoga, LLC. P/B/A Marce Salon & Spa Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-134 E-mail list for Village@work, including names, address, phone numbers attached to the e-mail.  Response
2018-135 E-mail copy of sign-in sheet for Senior Game Day event on May 4, 2018 at the Feller Room in Ludovici Park.  Response
2018-136 All permits, inspection reports and renovation and/or demolition records pertaining to the following property: 18001 Old Cutler Road Ste. 476, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157-6437 Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-137 Copy of any plans for property address: 17615 SW 97th Avenue Palmetto Bay, Fl 33157 Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-138 Fire report and all documents regarding the Heritage Square Community transformer explosion on 4/7/18. Also, any documents pertaining to my home unit 603 and the incident on 4/17. Please release all records and documents pertaining to the incident and pertaining to my home unit 603. Including all information regarding industrial electrical and the roofers working in the community. And any documentation regarding the damages, permits and work being done in my unit 603 caused by the incident on 4/17. All documents, reports and fines. Property address: Heritage Square 17160 SW 94 Ave Unit 603.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-139 Inspect or obtain copies of public records of all documents regarding Palantir Technologies and any prior public records request regarding Palantir Technologies. The documents I request include, but are not limited to, paper, e-mail, or otherwise electronic copies.  Response
2018-140 List of registered lobbyists for the Village of Palmetto Bay for 2017 and 2018.  Response
2018-141 Copy of liens or fines for property address: 9305 SW 178 Terrace. Also, include a listing of open permits for same address.  Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-142 Audio recording of the sunshine meeting that occurred between Mayor Flinn and Councilmember Singer on May 11, 2018.  Response e-mailed 
2018-143   Response
2018-144 Copy of all e-mails to any employee or Councilmember from or to Marsha Matson for the last two years.  Response
2018-145   Response
2018-146 Copy of settlement agreement for Old Cutler and SW 142 Street, (Old Cutler Fire Station) - referring to wording in regards to height of proposed fence wall in relation to the elevation of Old Cutler.  Request cancelled by requestor
2018-147 Copy of the analysis from Alex David. And the second reading of the Ordinance for the property been scheduled yet? Mgr's office responded directly to requestor
2018-148 The Village issued cellphone records for Eugene Flinn on 3-28-18. This includes but not limited to the outgoing telephone calls, incoming calls and texts.  Response
2018-149 Name of the builder/contractor for property address: 6690 SW 152 Street Palmetto Bay, FL 33157  Folio # 3350 25 0030 131 Response
2018-150 Every e-mail including name, address and phone number of each person this e-mail was sent to by David Singer.  Response
2018-151 All construction drawings (plans and elevations) and permit records for property address located at 14401 SW 74 Avenue Palmetto Bay, Fl 33158 Record available in the Village Clerk's office
2018-152 Documentation required by Village for events. 1) Village picnic held on March 3, 2018 and 2) July 4, 2018 to be held. Also request copy of quotes that were honored for each event.  Response
2018-153 Copy of documentation from Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation providing Authority to erect proposed traffic pilot program on a) 87th Avenue and 181 St, 180 St, 178 St, 179 St, 176 St, 174 St, 171 St Response
2018-154 1) Copy of documentation from Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation to Village of Palmetto Bay providing authority to erect traffic pilot program on SW 82 Ave and SW 155 St, Old Cutler Road and SW 157 St which are already installed.  Response
2018-155 Copy of documentation from Miami Dade County Department of Transportation providing authority to erect proposed traffic pilot program  on SW 83 Avenue, SW 82 Ct. SW 165 Terrace.  Response
2018-156 Keira Gurney, reporter for the Miami Herald requested the Village's Code of Ordinances on lobbying. She received a copy of Section 2-137 (Lobbying) of the Village's Code of Ordinances via MuniCode. Completed and response emailed to requestor
2018-157 Videos of the Zoning Hearing held on Monday, June 19, 2017; and the Local Planning Agency meeting held on Saturday, July 1, 2017.  Completed and response e-mailed to requestor

2018-158 Request copy of Demo plans approved and permit signed scope of work. Permit # DOD 2018-2319 Property Address: 8925 SW 148 Street Palmetto Bay, FL 33157 Response
2018-159 List of violations for property located at 7840 SW 183 Terrace Response
2018-160 Verbal request to receive any and all information relating to removing from office any elected official from the Village of Palmetto Bay.  Response
2018-161 Verbal request to receive a copy of the Ordinance that sets the parameters of temporary political campaign signs.  Response
2018-162 A copy of the sign in list from the Park Master Plan meeting.  Response
2018-163 Recent copy of the Job Description for Administrative Assistant for Public Services with salary range.  Response
2018-164 Attendance list from last night and the information received from the staffed tables.  Response
2018-165 Audio recording of Traffic Town Hall Meeting hosted by Mayor Flinn and Councilmember Singer on May 30, 2018 Audio Clip sent to requestor
2018-166 Master Permit Card with plans and applications BID - 2017 - 1733 BID - 2018 - 1734 Response
2018-167 Sign in sheets for Parks Master Plan Meeting, Saturday, June 2, 2018 Response
2018-168 Copy of the most recent report received by the Village regarding the DUV and submitted by the Dover ET. AL. Group and any and all consultants in digital format copied to a flash drive or forwarded by email.  Completed and response e-mailed to requestor
2018-169 Copy of Current Employment and Unemployment Statistics for the Village of Palmetto Bay. # for 207 Labor Force, # for 2017 Employment, # for 2017 Unemployment and 2017 Unemployment Rate. Response
2018-170 Copy of map of drainage and gas infrastructure in Palmetto Bay.  Response
2018-171 Copy of roof permit and all documents and/or drawings for property address: 14500 SW 79 Court Palmetto Bay, Fl Response
2018-172 Copy of "Preliminary FPL Property Report conducted by Calvin, Giordano" dated March 21, 2018 referenced in the Manager's May 7th discussion item on FPL Cutler Plan Preliminary Report.  Response
2018-173 1. All communications between Wayne Rosen and Village Manager Edward Silva and any village staff member, charter officer or council member of Palmetto Bay during the month of December 2017 regarding the purchase of land from Shores Development for the proposed community center (A portion of the 5.03 acre site, located at SW 97 Avenue and SW 178 Street Palmetto Bay.) 2. All communications between Village Manager Edward Silva and any representatives from the firm of Gallaher & Birch, Inc. during 2017 and 2018. Include copies of all reports and any supplemental reports. 3. All land appraisals obtained for the recently purchased property referenced above.  Response
2018-174 1. The names and email addresses for all employees of your county/municipality. 2. The names and email addresses for all department heads of your county/municipality. 3. The names and email addresses for your chief of police (sheriff) and fire chief of your county/municipality. 4. The names and email addresses used by your county/municipality to send out any public notices. 5. The names and email addresses used by the superintendent of schools to send notices to the parents of students attending school in your county/municipality.  Response
2018-175 Copy of listing of the HOA's in the Village and contact information.  Response
2018-176 Vacant Property Registration Verification for property address: 7635 SW 167 Street  Response
2018-177 1. I want to request the information of the "total of costs to the Village for the J Speck research, visits, information exchanges, expenses, and presentation.' 2. In an aerial map briefly shown during the "public presentation", there were "BLUE areas on a map indicating projects in the DUV". I would like to "see what those projects represent that was 'provided by Staff to Mr. Speck' for part of his presentation material".  Response
2018-178 Copy of all emails from Karyn Cunningham to Missy Arocha, Ed Silva and staff in the last 60 days.  Response
2018-179 Requesting an e-mail search for an e-mail relating to the following: A proposed plague recognizing the original donors who provided for the construction of the original Broncos Field House located in Coral Reef Park. The key terms that should be included are: Lois Barlow, Robert Dube, Broncos. Possible terms included may include: Kendall Broncos, Coral Reef Broncos. The e-mail should make reference to a recognition plaque. There are 4 to 5 names recognized including Lois Barlow and Robert Dube. Dube may have an accent above the "e".  Response
2018-180 All correspondence between the Palmetto Bay Village elected offices, Village Manager, Village Staff, Repair construction companies concerning the work and costs needed to repair and or replace the existing building located at Coral Reef Park, commonly referred to as our community center for Coral Reef Park or referred to as the REC- Room building.  Response
2018-181 Any open violation (Code enforcement) for property address: 9319 SW 170 Street.  Response
2018-182 Permit history request: Listing 18220 SW 92 Avenue from 2002 - Present Response
2018-183 SmartProcure is requesting for any and all electronic purchasing records from 2018-02-15 to current. The request is limited to readily available records without copying, scanning or printing. The specific information requested from your record keeping system is: 1. Purchase order number. If purchase orders are not used a comparable substitute is acceptable, i.e., invoice, encumbrance or check number. 2. Purchase date. 3. Line item details (detailed description of the purchase) 4. Line item quantity 5. Line item price 6. Vendor ID number, name, address, contact person and their email address.  Response
2018-184 Copy of all public record requests from either Gary Pastorella or Shelley Stanczyk over the last year.  Response
2018-185 All emails sent to or received by any Council Member or administrative staff by Marsha Matson over the past 3 years.  Response
2018-186 Request site plan documents submitted to the Village by Shores at Palmetto Bay LLC on the property the Village bought this year across from Village Hall since 2016. Also, like all Village analysis and communication related to a site plan submitted to the Village by Shores at Palmetto Bay LLC for the property the Village bought this year across from the Village Hall since 2016. Folio # 33-5033-000-0860.  Response
2018-187 Electronic copy of the most recent contract for external auditing with the city and any amendments associated with that contract.  Response
2018-188 Need permit card, application, plans and NOAS for permit # BID-2018-1670. Response
2018-189 Any and all documents related to the above referenced property including liens, code violations, open and expired permits, fines, etc. 9305 SW 178th Terrace Palmetto Bay, FL  Response
2018-190 An electronic list of all the fire damaged properties in your city.  Response
2018-191 Copy of the audio from Sunshine Meeting between Mayor Flinn and Councilman Singer on Friday, June 22, 2018.  Response
2018-192 A list of all vacant properties and any properties with code violations in the Village.  Response
2018-193 A listing of all new businesses established in Palmetto Bay year to date through June 30, 2018. If possible, please include the email address for each and names, address, phone numbers and contact person for all businesses.  Response
2018-194   Response
2018-195 All information on Manufacturer and standards of impact doors and windows at 14760 SW 79 Court, Palmetto Bay. Permit # 2014-6174 Response
2018-196 Community Center survey first presented at the Community Center Task Force meeting, which occurred on June 27, 2018. Requesting the survey responses to ALL the survey questions and comments: names, addresses, resident vs. non-resident, phone numbers, emails, comments and priorities for each individual programs/rooms.  Response
2018-197 Digital copy of the audio recording of Education Advisory meeting held on 6/26/2018.  Response
2018-198 Copies of the interior approved building plans for address: 14201 S. Dixie Highway Palmetto Bay, Fl  Response
2018-199 Names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of members of Community Center Task Force, whose first meeting was Wednesday, June 27, 2018. Response
2018-200 Provide following information for 17305 S Dixie Highway (33-5032-055-0010) Palmetto Bay, Fl. 1. Any variances, special permits or conditions. Please note the existence of these items as they relate to the subject property and supply documentation, if available. 2. Code violations, Please note whether or not there are currently any open/outstanding zoning, building, fire code violations that apply to the subject property. 3. Certificates of occupancy. Please supply copies of any existing certificates of occupancy for the subject property. If none are available, please state the reason for this and whether there is any expected enforcement action due to the lack of certificate. Also, please specify if a new Certificate of Occupancy would be required in the event of a change in ownership. 4. Approved Site Plan and/or Conditions of Approval, if applicable: Please supply one or both of these documents, particularly if the subject property is located in a Planned Development.  Response
2018-201 Copy of each permit BLD-2011-0657, BLD-2011-0087 Copy of each permit 14401 SW 79 Avenue Response
2018-202 Need plumbing information on the property 9151 SW 181 Terrace Palmetto Bay, Fl 33157, specifically, if its galvanized steel, copper or PVC.  Response
2018-203 Does the city have a lien against 8875 SW 172nd Terrace for anything it incurred; a copy of any and all outstanding bills for cleanup, etc. We would like to know if the fence around the property was placed there by the City, and if not, if the City knows who erected it.  Response
2018-204 Open permits, expired permits, violations, illegal units for property address: 9305 SW 178 Terrace Response
2018-205 From 3/1/2018 to present - All code enforcement activity pertaining to property at 9055 SW 158 Street, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157. Include copies of citations, reports, etc.  Response
2018-206 Need all permits active in the town this are portable toilets listing.  Response
2018-207 Copy of plans described in Resolution No. 2017-79 (corrected 12/04/2017) entitled "Sandpiper Village of Palmetto Bay", prepared by Axioma3 Architects, consisting of 23 sheets, dated June 2, 2017.  Response
2018-208 Copy of the language that the Village of Palmetto Bay used to separate canal maintenance from the county.  Response
2018-209 Any proposed legislation and agenda materials on the April 13, 2008 agenda related to the approval or consideration of a fire station on Old Cutler Road north of SW 184 Street.  Response
2018-210 All meeting dates for the Community Center Task Force.  Response
2018-211 A digital copy of the audio recording of the Education Advisory Board Meeting held on 6/26/18.  Response
2018-212 Copies of any real estate appraisal(s) of the property located at 9701 Wayne Street bearing folio numbers 33-5032-007-0190, 33-5032-007-0180, 33-5032-007-0170, 33-5032-007-0160 which you may have in your possession or control.  Response
2018-213 Listing of permits issued for property address: 9305 SW 178 Terrace Palmetto Bay, Fl  Response
2018-214 Resident emails Response
2018-215 Any existing violations for 9305 SW 178 Terrace Folio # 33-5033-012-0260 Response
2018-216 Copy of any correspondence via email from Cathy Norlund (her email is to any and all Village representatives to include: All Counsel members, Mayor, Vice Mayor, City Manager, and Parks and Rec Director and Coral Reef Park Manager. To include: Edward Silva, Larissa Siegel Lara, David Singer, Eugene Flinn, Karyn Cunningham, John DuBois, Fanny Carmona. Date Range January 1st 2015 - July 10th 2018. Response
2018-217 Sign up sheet with names, emails, addresses, telephone numbers, and any other information on the sign up sheet collected at the Parks Department booth at the Village Hall parking lot at the July 4th event.  Response
2018-218 Provide the Community Center amenities survey, including respondents' names, addresses, emails, telephone numbers, all questions, all answers, all comments, analysis of responses, company conducting the survey and survey methodology.  Response
2018-219   Response
2018-220 Any and all information/specifications pertaining to Memo/Item # 5 B-1 Cell Towers. Basically, all the info about the cells, hexes, frequencies and its alphabet soup of the required technological protocols.  Response
2018-221 IBus ridership numbers for the period of April through June 2018.  Response
2018-222 Copy of Permit: Renewal BLD 2014-5606 property address: 15604 SW 78th Place Palmetto Bay, FL  Response
2018-223 1. Which cities commissioned the survey? Who specifically authorized the survey? 2. Who paid for the survey? 3. Who did the actual survey? 4. Please e-mail me a copy of the full set of questions, the script used, the purchase order for the service, the invoice for the service, a copy of the checks for services rendered, the list of people contacted, the responses for each, all cross tabs and any other data associated with the survey. 5. What was the survey sample for each City? 6. What methodology was used to ask the questions? - phone? email? web ads? website? Door to door? If by phone, were the questions asked by people or by machine?  Response
2018-224 Total cost itemization of all the liens and open permits for property located at: 9305 SW 178th Terrace  Response
2018-225 Any violation, fine, citation or open permits on the property above, also I would like to obtain permits on the property above, also I would like to obtain microfilms or blueprints if possible. 9305 SW 178 Terrace  Response
2018-226 A spreadsheet of all Palmetto Bay Chamber of Commerce members including names, phone numbers and emails.  Response
2018-227 A listing of all open/closed permits for property address: 7141 SW 139 Street Palmetto Bay, Fl  Response
2018-228 Copy of permit for shutters for property address: 15541 SW 79 Avenue, Palmetto Bay, FL  Response
2018-229 Copy of records relating to land behind South Motors on SW 164th St a north end of SW 93 Ave: records pertaining to resolution ordinance establishing Veteran's Park; copy of deed to said land transfer from South Motors to Village of Palmetto Bay; copy of current resolution for zoning of said Veterans Park; copies of all the zoning transactions from South Motors for construction on said land as well as permits for said construction and penalty charges for failure of South Motors to pull permits for said construction.  Response
2018-230 Copies of violations for the property address of : 9305 SW 178 Terrace Palmetto Bay, FL 33157 Response
2018-231 Listing of permits and violations for address 9305 SW 178 Terrace Response
2018-232 Report of all permits open/closed, final etc. for property address: 15420 SW 72 Avenue Palmetto Bay, Fl  Response
2018-233 Would like to know the cost to close out all issues attached to the property of 9319 SW 170th Street Palmetto Bay, FL to clear title such as code and building violations.   
2018-234 Copy of records introduced by Don Waters at meeting on 7/23/18.  Response
2018-235 Violation code for 9305 SW 178 Terrace Palmetto Bay, FL 33157  
2018-236 Any permit info and current code violations for property address: 9305 SW 178 Terrace, Palmetto Bay, FL  Response
2018-237 Code violation and permit information for 9305 SW 178 Terrace Response
2018-238 Copy of the original plans in records for the following address 8070 SW 140th Terrace Palmetto Bay, Fl 33158 (existing floor, mechanical, sewer, rear elevation, foundation, existing right elevation, existing left elevation, roof, electrical, plumbing).  Response
2018-239 Inspection history for drywall, insulation, windows and doors for 15050 SW 88 Avenue Miami, FL 33176 Response
2018-240 Copy of permit #: Master Permit #: BLD-2016-8447 Plumbing Permit #: PLB-2016-2104  Response
2018-241 Code violation/building violation for address: 9305 SW 178 Terrace Response
2018-242 Copy of the 2015 report that contains data about number of properties in the Downtown Village Response