Age Friendly Task Force

This task force has been sunset.

The Age Friendly Task Force has completed its task to develop the Five-Year Age Friendly Action Plan for the Village.  

Age Friendly Task Force Membership

Task Force Members
Beatriz Herrmann, Chair
Beverly Gerald, Secretary
Eric Tullberg
Judy Stockman 
Pam Gorman
  • Staff Liaison: Fanny Carmona, Parks & Recreation Director
  • Managed by: Nick Marano, Village Manager

Mission/ Purpose:

Establish consistent and accessible services to meet the needs for Seniors (age 50+) and encourage healthy and active aging in Palmetto Bay Village.  The Mission Statement and Goals were created by the Task Force members during their meeting on September 4, 2018.

In  March of 2017, the Village join the AARP® Network of Age-Friendly Communities. The AARP® Network of Age-Friendly Communities is an affiliate of the World Health Organization’s Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Program, an international effort launched in 2006 to help cities prepare for rapid population aging and the parallel trend of urbanization. The program has participating communities in more than 20 nations, as well as 10 affiliates representing more than 1,000 communities (  This designation reaffirms the Village’s commitment to actively work toward making The Village of Bay a livable community for people of all ages. In July of 2018, Village Council approved the establishment of a Age Friendly Taskforce.

Main Task:

To improve communication and create a five (5) year Age-Friendly Action Plan.  This document addresses the community’s needs, concerns and suggestions.  Once completed, the plan will be presented before the Village Council for approval, followed by final approval by the AARP and World Health Organization.